Author details war experiences

June 17, 2014 

Join Branches Books in welcoming D. R. Toole, 6-7 p.m., Wednesday, June 25, for a signing of his new book, "Through A Soldier's Eyes."

The book by the Coarsegold resident and disabled veteran, speaks to families and soldiers dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"Come with me on a 30,000 mile journey back and forth through Baghdad, through IED's, snipers and unforeseen mayhem," Toole said. "I was a transport driver on convoy security patrol. For 16 grueling months, it was our job to keep the supply chain going while the enemy did everything they could to stop us. How was I to know that the real battle wasn't to begin until I returned home? My book is a true depiction of my life as I travel into the land of "Sun and Sand" and my fight to regain a new sense of normalcy upon my return."

About the author

After writing several poems and short stories, Toole soon realized that he gave a voice to many veterans who felt the same but could not express their feelings.

"I was told by a Vietnam veteran after reading a number of my short stories that after 30 years, for the first time he felt that he was not alone," Toole said. " Those words spoke volumes to me and helped to compel me to write my story. While I have yet to reach the numbers that I had hoped to, the responses from my readers have been phenomenal. By their words I know that I have accomplished what I had set out to do."

Since his book release, Toole has levied a connection between vets and their families that has brought them a new understanding and closer together.

Toole has a combined 20 plus year career with the Marine Corps and Army National Guard. He has studied creative writing at New Mexico Highlands University. He plans to continue writing short stories and hopes to write his continued story in the future.

Details: Branches Books & Gifts, (559) 641-2019.

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