President Obama in over his head

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atwoods@sti.netJune 17, 2014 

The president is inept. That is the sad truth. He is inept. There is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama did a great job as a community organizer. After all is said and done a community organizer only needs to whip up sentiment and encourage a few media folks to cover your actions and you walk away hoping that the media circus will cause the changes you called for to take place.

In law school a Harvard law professor need only argue those fine points of law in a true academic sense and setting. The theories work in the classroom but in real life situations the facts are challenged and the circumstances change because both sides don't agree to play by the same set of rules.

When you write not one but two books about your accomplishment prior to even running for the office of president of the United States, and when you have only been a senator for 18 months when you decide to be the leader of this country you display a great deal of arrogance.

When George Soros funds you and then advises you on how things are to be run and the liberal media lapdogs drool over everything you utter you begin to believe that once you say something it becomes fact and everyone on the planet will align themselves to your thinking and your version of the story.

The past years of the Obama administration and certainly the past few months and weeks show the world just how inept this administration is.

In roughly the same amount of time that this nation developed the materials and trained a fighting force that defeated the Nazi's and the Japanese Empires this administration could not build a web site for their own health care plan. It was a disaster and this president lied to us that it was ready to go.

The economy was to improve after the stimulus "shovel ready jobs" got started but as Obama stated, "they were not as shovel ready as we thought." The stock market is up only because the Obama folks are pumping $85 Billion per month into the economy and the corporations and banks are using that cash to buy stocks.

The unemployment numbers are down because people have given up looking for a job so the labor participation rate is the lowest in decades. Obama folks lie to us and tell us things are good. The national media, aka the liar's club, don't show the real numbers.

John Kerry says it is "baloney" that those five Taliban terrorists pose any threat to America and Hillary stated the same thing. It sure confirms her ineptness as Secretary of State that she thinks they pose zero threat to us. This is the same Hillary that this administration touts as having done such a great job but nobody in the government or Department of State can state one single achievement attributable to Secretary Clinton. In fact, just last week Josh Earnest, the Deputy White House Press Secretary, stated that Hillary could, "Proudly take her share of the credit for three foreign policy successes of the Obama Administration: Ending the war in Iraq — Responsibly ending the war in Iraq — and decimating and destroying the core of Al Qaeda."

The very next day we heard about the resurgence of Al Qaeda in Iraq and that the terrorists were within miles of reaching and taking Baghdad.

It is clear that because of this president our country is poised to "Snatch defeat from the claws of victory." We have sacrificed so much in treasure, lives, and time and when George Bush left office Iraq was calm, on its way to rebuilding a new government and people were not suffering as they had under Saddam Hussein. But Barack Hussein Obama has changed that. We are seeing what happens when we announce the timetable for withdrawals of the troops. We are seeing what happens when a community organizer ignores his generals and recently we see what happens when he trades a deserter for Taliban terrorists.

Look what they did not do in Syria and study the effects that cause of inaction had in Iraq. It is all his fault.

They lie, they delay, they feign anger but nobody is held accountable. We now see that more than 64% of the American people have doubts about Obama's ability to lead. Enough is enough.

He is in over his head but it is this country that is drowning. A few weeks ago I commented that Obama is making Carter seem less inept. I never thought it possible but he is also making Biden look capable.

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