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editorial@sierrastarJune 10, 2014 

In 1954, an eight-year-old boy went Christmas shopping with his parents and older sister. At one point, the boy and his sister were told to sit in the waiting area of the big department store.

An elderly lady sat down next to the boy and asked if he was ready for Santa Claus and if he liked candy canes. An eight-year-old boy lives for candy canes. She produced what appeared to be the biggest candy cane he had ever seen. She handed him the candy and told him to break off a piece.

He sat there holding the giant candy cane for what seemed like eternity, wearing the biggest smile the world had ever seen. Finally, his sister nudged him and said, "Well, are you going to break off a piece?" He was destroyed. He was waiting until they got home.

The confused boy finally broke off a piece of the candy cane and thanked the lady politely. It wasn't until they got home he realized why he couldn't bring it home to break off a piece.

The logic of an eight-year-old is often amusing and immature, to say the least. It lacks proper adult training, proper adult example, and an education called experience. You can throw "common sense" into that same educational experience.

My observation of the actions of Barack Hussein Obama leaves me to question his logic.

Let's start with his first "phony" scandal. Signs are posted at the Mexican border: No Guns allowed in Mexico. Obama's pick for the head of our Justice Department conspired to send 2,000 illegal AK47s to the Mexican drug cartels. After the death of one of our Border Patrol agents, and hundreds of Mexican citizens, Obama pleads Executive Privilege for requested documentation. Logic: cover your butt and go make speeches.

Meanwhile, an American Marine is currently being badly abused in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn and possessing three legally registered firearms.

The Obama Administration's "phony" scandals have been one right after another so I've lost track of the exact chronology. I think traitor Snowden was up next to reveal to the world that our government was spying on every little conversation us lowly citizens were having. Of course, it's all Snowden's fault. Logic: point at the other guy, go make speeches.

Ask any Sociocrat about Benghazi and they'll say, "What? That's old news." Four dead Americans, unaccounted for on Obama's watch is old news. Logic: it was all about a video, go to Las Vegas and make speeches.

Then there's the IR/SS which targeted Americans who had political affiliations different than the Obama administration. Add insult to injury and put that same department in charge of the biggest flim-flam take-over of more than one sixth of the nation's economy which was based entirely on an outright lie by our president. For Obama, that's logical.

Let's review BHO's pledge six years ago to eliminate delays in care and benefits for our veterans. Can't stomach the subject? Good, I can't either. It resulted in more dead Americans. Obama's logic: It's under investigation, go make speeches.

Of course, the latest debacle is his breaking our constitutional law by negotiating the trade of a "captured" Army sergeant for five top terrorist commanders. US Army sergeant Bergdahl, who by much evidence was a deserter, may have lived quite comfortably with our enemy. Our president calls them the Tal-ee-bon. Six more soldiers were killed in action looking for this deserter. All this negotiating from a president who refused to negotiate with the GOP. Obama's logic: I'm above the law.

Have I mentioned before that an American Marine is under duress in a Mexican prison?

When Mr. Obama took office he put together his administration. It's quite apparent that his administrators have run amok, to the president's delight no doubt, but it proves that his total lack of administrative experience created the "all talk no action" on the president's part. At the expense of our nation, he has failed to govern responsibly.

Our president either has the immature logic of an eight-year-old or he's just another Chicago con man. If this is the best and brightest Harvard has to offer, I have no respect for Harvard's ability to teach.

I am calling for the immediate resignation of Barack Hussein Obama, his impeachment, and prosecution for aiding and abetting the enemy. Incarceration would be most logical.

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