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atwoods@sti.netJune 10, 2014 

Shame on him. The president just traded away five top Taliban terrorists for one deserter and makes no apology. He makes excuses but has no regrets. The president has lied again and again but this time we discover that he has lied to our brave Veterans. The very people, who put their lives on hold, march into harm's way, return home without a complaint and we have allowed the Department of Veterans Affairs to be a nightmarish situation.

The president's team was told prior to the beginning of his first day in office that the Bush administration had questions about the reliability of the numbers when it came to appointment times and schedules. This president had campaigned that our veterans deserved better than they were getting and he promised to improve the situation.

Six years later we discover that the inept administration has only made matters worse. Hundreds of millions of dollars for new furniture for the department and millions in bonuses because goals were reached and, because of a few brave whistleblowers, we now discover that veterans have died while waiting on the "phony lists." This is beyond a scandal — this is criminal because those jerks who kept those lists intended to deceive. That deception killed people and denied others the medical care to which they were entitled. This nation made a promise and the Department of Veterans Affairs violated that trust. The Veterans Administration causes veterans to die because of a lack of treatment and the intentional deception by many hospitals to hide waiting times to please the administration and the president is silent.

Where has the president been since he came to office? We are now seeing that the senior Republican member of the veterans oversight committee has been writing to the president about this issue for years and could not get any action. We see that the administration has known about these needs for years and has done nothing to provide for our heroes. We are treating prisoners at Gitmo better than we are treating our veterans.

Speaking of asking about the president's actions since he came to office ... where was he for 23 days after the story broke? He tells us that he first heard about it from the media reports. We have heard that lie before. Even still, where was his outrage on the first day after hearing about it? When his professor buddy was bothered by a cop the community organizer spoke out. When Trayvon was killed, the president had time to speak out.

His words finally came and he feigned outrage. The next day did he show up at the Department of Veterans Affairs or a VA Hospital and start asking for answers and holding folks accountable? No. He spoke at a baseball Hall of Fame event, met with a few other folks and then went off to Chicago for two fundraisers that evening. Sounds like what he did after Benghazi.

The president and his liars on staff will state that those responsible will be held accountable. They state there will be an investigation and the president will not stand for it. He is not only "mad as Hell" but "madder than Hell." Then he said the word that let us know he is lying. He finished his promise to the American veterans by telling them that this wasn't acceptable — period. So much for that promise.

Is he that detached from the job? Is the office to boring for the former law professor?

Let's see. Fast and Furious — nobody held accountable. The IRS targets people because of political differences with the White House — nobody held accountable. The GSA spends lavishly on themselves and wastes money — nobody goes to trial. The NSA spies on Americans — nobody held accountable. Obamacare rollout a disaster and nobody held accountable. Four Americans dead because this administration desired everyone to believe the lie that Al Queada was on the run — nobody held accountable because what difference would it make.

This administration knows how to campaign and organize but they don't know how to run anything. They lie, they hide documents, they blame Bush, they call dissenters racists, they state that Republicans are not Americans, and they never address the problems.

Now there is a crisis in the nation because folks are not able to trust the leader. They can't trust him to make tough decisions such as opening Keystone because it would offend the environmentalists. Our allies can't trust him to act because he has proven to be a wimp. Red Lines anyone? You can keep your doctor and your medical plan period. Liar.

"This will be the most transparent administration in history." Who would have thought it possible for someone to replace Jimmy Carter as the most inept president ever?

The president's pledges to investigate problems have been frauds. The president has committed fraud on us all with deliberate lies for his own political gain. Now we have seen that this man has helped perpetuate a fraud upon the very people who make it possible for us to live in freedom — our veterans.

Scandalous? Despicable? Outrageous?

No — it's unforgivable.

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