Trying to be part of the solution

Letters to the Editor - 6/5/14 edition

June 3, 2014 

Dear Editor,

As I read JR Froelich's May 29 "In My Opinion" column, many thoughts came into my head. As a member of Keep Our Mountains Beautiful, who does have an issue with cigarette butts and our continual battle with litter which includes cig butts, I have to agree and disagree with his conclusions.

The government has done a horrible job with litter, including the lack of containers for cigarette butts. But that said, they do little or nothing about trash on the roads. Despite efforts from our committee to engage the help of the community, the courts will not allow people required to do community service for legal infractions to pick up litter: it is a liability for the county if someone gets hurt … oh boo hoo.

And how does the county and state deal with people on welfare who could be out picking up trash? They pay them to sit on their butts, probably smoking the cigarettes paid for by we the tax payers, to toss on the ground, so that we hard working citizens can go pick them up in our spare time.

Our system is so messed up. We even tried to get the CHP more involved to pull over people with uncovered loads, who often drop stuff off onto the roads, whether it is camping gear or trash … but … no, ticketing people for uncovered loads is not their priority.

That said, the government is happy to stuff guidelines down our throats when we, the citizens and members of KOMB, want to go and pick up the litter, that the CHP can't be bothered to enforce rules on. Yes, to Froelich. Our government is messed up. We at KOMB keep plugging along, picking up trash, hoping someone will notice, that more people will join us, and being content to see a little less garbage on our mountain roads. Humble as this seems, at least we are trying to be a part of the solution.

Judy Linda-Horn, North Fork

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