Where were the American flags?

Letters to the Editor - 5/29/14 edition

May 27, 2014 

Dear Editor,

This past Memorial Day weekend we celebrated those who have given the supreme sacrifice to safeguard and guarantee our freedom. As I was driving home on Highway 41 north towards Oakhurst Sunday morning, I noticed the wonderful "Avenue of the Flags" at Washington Colony Cemetery (Elm Avenue). It warmed my heart to see the work that went into honoring our fallen veterans. This feeling of warmth was only to be squashed as I drove into Oakhurst, to see Oakhill Cemetery void of the Avenue of the Flags, one of which was donated in honor of my Great Uncle.

I understand the flags were up by the Monday for the Memorial Day service and program, but the flags should have been up throughout the weekend.

Now, I am sure that there is some governing agency or group that will put a spin on this and make excuses why the flags are not up in Oakhurst for the weekend.

Simply put, I am proud of those cemeteries that honor their fallen service personnel by having the flags up for the weekend. I am equally, if not more-so, ashamed of places like Oakhurst that did not have them up for the whole weekend.

Laziness is not to be allowed when it comes to our veterans, living or deceased.

Kevin Jonas, Oakhurst

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