Moore's voting record

Letters to the Editor - 5/29/14 edition

May 27, 2014 

Dear Editor

After reading Peter Cavanaugh's ad hominem attacks on Congressman Tom McClintock for bringing up Art Moore's non-existent voting record and two other articles critical of McClintock in the Sierra Star's May 15 addition, I'd like to add some insight as a former veteran in the defense of the congressman.

As a Vietnam veteran who spent three and half years in that war and nine years of active service, I always made every effort to vote and was able to vote in almost all elections while in the military. The commanding officer of my ship and my division officer always stressed the importance of voting and led by example. They never used their role as an officer as a defense against voting.

Furthermore the military has always actively encouraged its members, both enlisted and officers, to exercise their civic duty to vote. I find it interesting that it's been some Democrats who have tried to get military ballots rejected in past elections for "technical" reasons because overall military men and women vote more conservative.

As a veteran I respect Art Moore's sacrifice to his country, but I don't buy his arguments for his lack of voting. As a West Point graduate, he served the minimum time of five years after graduating to pay for his tax payer funded education, then joined the Virginia National Guard as a reservist and has worked as a business executive in the building products industry while in the reserves.

During these nine years he never took the time to vote. Then when he decides to run for Congress against Congressman McClintock, he registers to vote. This doesn't pass the smell test for me and I think Art is being disingenuous here.

Tom McClintock has not served in the military, but he has been a stanch supporter for the military and veterans. He's got our back and for that I call him a true patriot as well.

Maybe after Art Moore has done his civic duty of voting responsibly for a few years, he would have more credibility to run for political office.

John Pero, Ahwahnee

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