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editorial@sierrastar.comMay 27, 2014 

I'm going to revisit page A12 of the May 15 edition of the Sierra Star.

Did you see 60 Minutes on CBS Sunday, May 18? They featured a mountain of garbage at Cateura, Paraguay. The impoverished citizenry make a living by going through that mountain of garbage to retrieve anything usable. There is a small industry that makes musical instruments from that refuse. In my column May 15, I mentioned that my wife and I had visited the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix during our vacation. I strongly recommend that you visit the MIM website and get the complete story on this truly incredible resurrection of the spirit of mankind.

Also on page A12 is an interview with Keep Our Mountains Beautiful volunteer, Jennifer LaDuca, of Ahwahnee. Her pet peeve is cigarette butts. I appreciate her hard work, however I'll take this opportunity, as a smoker, to remind everyone as to why there are so many of them. Prior to the tobacco-Nazis taking over our state and federal governments, there were ashtrays in hospital waiting rooms, at the end of grocery aisles and in every restaurant, bar and bowling alley. With the advent of a "smoke free California," ashtrays have disappeared. Where to put the remains of a legal, adult product? They don't even exist in front of a vast majority of businesses. I am a smoker, I am not a litterbug. The government's propaganda against tobacco only gives them unlimited access to exorbitant taxation and more propaganda.

The odd thing about trash cleanup is that our bait-and-switch government takes our tax money, intended for roadway clean up, and makes signs encouraging those same taxpayers to spend more money and their weekends cleaning up the roadways. Are we that gullible or simply ignorant?

Back to page A12. Fellow columnist Peter Cavanaugh, who refers to the brain fried freak Ozzy Osbourne as a "gentleman," crudely attempts to link some song lyrics to the Benghazi hearings. Name just one conclusion that has come from the myriad of hearings, by the multitude of congressional committees, already held on "Capitol Shill."

Name just one individual who has been indicted from those hearings. Name one conclusion of culpability by our inept government officials. Name one terrorist who has been brought to justice. Why do the Sociocrats want to "move on" from the inconclusive murder of four Americans? Impeachment comes to mind, and a prison term for an incompetent Secretary of State. That would be justice for four dead Americans. That is the reason for a Select Committee. The president has not done one d*%# thing regarding Benghazi, that he so eloquently promised. Can you understand that, Mr. Cavanaugh?

I was watching a news report the other night that showed our president blathering about how he would not tolerate delays in benefits or medical care for our veterans. It was from Aug. 17, 2009, at the Phoenix Veterans Hospital, of all places. As the report went on, I glanced out to my workshop where I saw my cat using her scratch box. She did her duty and calmly scratched kitty litter over her deposit and happily trotted off, ready for her next meal.

I thought of our president and his "deposits" like Fast and Furious, NSA, IRS, Benghazi, and now the Veterans Administration. He appears on television and acts like he just learned about the latest "phony scandal" by reading his morning paper, promises action, scratches enough "litter" over the issue and goes off to show his pearly whites at the next fund raiser. Apparently, our president knows less about what's going on than Mr. Cavanaugh. Is five and a half years not enough?

Perhaps Mr. Cavanaugh should listen to country music: "A little less talk and a lot more action."

As a proud patriot and veteran of our government's "phony scandal" in Vietnam, I send my highest regards and respect to our Veterans Clinic in Oakhurst, and the Veterans Hospital in Fresno. But when I learn that the terrorists being held in Guantánamo are getting better "care" than my brothers-in-arms, I am outraged. It's time to get someone's attention regarding the filth-infested place called Washington D.C.

If you're the least bit concerned with what is going on in the Veterans Administration, then you are looking through a window and seeing what America can expect from a fully implemented Obamacare.

Demand justice, with sentencing and incarceration. I also fully support the death penalty.

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