Supervisor Wheeler campaign rhetoric

Letters to the Editor - 5/29/14 edition

May 27, 2014 

Dear Editor,

The recent letters to the editor supporting Mr. Wheeler as well as his campaign ad attempting to convey to voters benefits of Highway 41 bus transit to Yosemite are apparently supposed to demonstrate "proven leadership and common sense."

Since tourism, thanks to politicians, is Eastern Madera County's No. 1 industry and job creator, it is important to understand what Highway 41 bus transit to Yosemite means to the Park Service and Yosemite's visitors. Though Madera was instrumental in "motivating" the Park Service to change the language in the 1980 General Management Plan that authorized the total elimination of day-visitor private vehicle access to Yosemite Valley facilitated by regional bus transit thus enabling removal of in-Valley parking, the Park Service in actuality has moved closer to that goal.

The new Merced River Plan removes another 293 in-Valley parking spaces while Mr. Wheeler continues his support for making Highway 41 bus transit in Madera a reality.

If those 293 parking spaces turned over just once, that would be 1,500 to 2,000 more visitors per day coming through the gateway communities. It would be a plus to our local economy and jobs.

Mr. Wheeler continues to deny the link between Highway 41 bus transit and the erosion of private vehicle access to Yosemite Valley. Such campaign rhetoric clearly demonstrates a lack of leadership and common sense.

A vote for Paul Cliby for District 5 supervisor will result in the third vote on the Madera Board of Supervisors that will say 'no' to YARTS and High Speed Rail and 'yes' to pursuing real solutions to critical Eastern Madera County issues.

Lou Aceto, Oakhurst

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