Fairbanks is the best choice

Letters to the Editor - 5/29/14 edition

May 27, 2014 

Dear Editor,

I have attended several community-sponsored candidate forums for Madera County Sheriff. It has become apparent to me that Madera County is in need of a sheriff who has a strong managerial and business background. We expect a county sheriff to be strong on law and order with plenty of law enforcement experience.

However, in these times of tight budget constraints, Madera County needs a sheriff who will create more with less. Dennis Fairbanks is the only sheriff candidate I have observed emphasizing sensible and realistic expenditure approaches in dealing with law enforcement within Madera County. In addition, Fairbanks has advocated for community auxiliaries made up of citizens who meet with the sheriff on a regular basis voicing problems and concerns within their communities. This is a pro-active way to engage citizens and, in the long term, cut the costs of arrests, investigations and judicial proceedings after the fact. I especially appreciated the logic that Dennis Fairbanks articulated regarding the use of grants. He aptly pointed out that grants for equipment are fine, but grants used for personnel are unwise due to their expirations leading to unfunded employees.

Fairbanks is also supporter of the use of proven technology within the sheriff's department, reminds the voters to be prudent in the purchase of new technology that the department cannot afford.

There are additional examples and ideas that Dennis Fairbanks has been able to advance in the candidate forums such as establishing task forces and feasibility studies to assist the department in making the best law enforcement decisions.

Dennis Fairbanks, with a degree in public administration and 31years with the California Highway Patrol, has the right combination of law enforcement experience and the necessary business acumen to be the best choice for Madera County Sheriff.

Frank Simonis, Oakhurst

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