Keitz is proven crime fighter

Letters to the Editor - 5/29/14 edition

May 27, 2014 

Dear Editor,

I've lived in Eastern Madera County since 1985 and am a past member of the Board of Supervisors (1998-2006). I am proud to make an informed decision for the district attorney and highly recommend the only candidate who has the experience and background for this office — Michael Keitz, the incumbent.

At candidate debates, Mr. Keitz stated his qualifications to remain in office, including his law enforcement experience and the increase in his office's conviction rate. He was quick to praise the work done by all members of his staff and said "it is not all about him."

It is unfortunate that his opponents have no record to stand on and therefore, simply attack the good work that Mr. Keitz has done in the district attorney's office.

Mr. Keitz understands the need for sensible prosecution, will continue to focus on homicide, gang and drug prosecution efforts, and will represent and serve our mountain communities as shown by the recent wildland arson convictions.

The facts speak for themselves: first, as the district attorney's office budgets decreased, his office's convictions went up 17%; and second, during his 16-year tenure as a deputy district attorney, prosecutor Keitz conduced 78 jury trials with a successful conviction rate of 89%.

Join me on June 3 and vote for Michael Keitz, district attorney. He is a proven crime fighter, not someone who decided six months ago they wanted to be district attorney.

Gary Gilbert, North Fork

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