I won't let you down ...

May 27, 2014 

Three years ago Madera County Supervisor Tom Wheeler came to me and asked me to help fix the auditor/controller's office for Madera County. I offered my services but the board of supervisors appointed another candidate who resided in Merced. At least two of those supervisors feel they appointed the wrong person.

After watching two years of continuing problems and little improvement, I decided to become a candidate for the office. The people of Madera County deserve better than they were getting.

I have been an Oakhurst resident for 21 years. My three children grew up here and graduated from Yosemite High School.

I have been active in my community as a past Rotary president, one of the founders of the Oakhurst Boys & Girls Club, and, currently, as the president of the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce.

I pay my property taxes, business taxes and business license to Madera County. My opponent lived in Merced County for 20 years, never lived in Madera County, has a home and business in Merced and pays her taxes to Merced County.

The current auditor/controller has had over two years to get the department running well and has failed. She admits to working the job "part-time."

Financial reports are still over a year delinquent, which is costing the county millions. She can not work with other elected officials and department heads. Even the Madera Grand Jury labeled her as "autocratic." The office is still in a mess with no improvement in sight.

I want to go to the county and make things better. I have a proven history of bringing people together to get a job done. I will work with all employees, managers and elected officials to bring this department into the 21st century.

I believe that county workers should treat you as customers not as problems. We should work with you and for you.

The office of auditor/controller is elected by you so that they are independent and not controlled by supervisors or others. It is supposed to be your financial watchdog to protect your money.

Because I will be elected by you, rather that appointed by the supervisors, I will not be beholding to anyone but you.

I'm tired of excuses and blaming others for failed policies. I'm asking you to vote for me. You are my friends, my customers and my neighbors.

There is no way I will let you down.

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