I'll create real solutions

May 27, 2014 

The voters have a clear choice between leadership guided by special interests (check incumbent's voting record against his major donors' projects) and representative leadership.

Leadership is best defined by actions, not words.  As a 34-year veteran firefighter, you learn to face the critical situations and make the tough decisions.  My finance/accounting background, and trust of fellow firefighters, has enabled me as Chairman of the Fresno City Fire and Police Retirement Board the past four (4) years to oversee a growing, solvent billion dollar pension fund. 

My volunteer work with the Food Bank, and YLP Fire Station 10 is a constant reminder each and every team member is important.

I look forward to working with all constituents to create real solutions for critical issues including:

Water, budget, urgent healthcare, pension solvency, everybody's property rights, Highway 41 safety, keeping your woodstove, high speed rail, continued freedom of access to Yosemite Valley.

Starting points include ponding basins and completion of gray water lines; personal involvement in citizens' ad hoc committee to bring urgent healthcare back to Eastern Madera County, including personally recruiting/motivating healthcare professionals; respect existing General Plan and Area Plans; fight for your right to burn a renewable energy source--wood--that creates jobs, increases watersheds, creates healthy forests that reduce pollution from catastrophic fires; keep YARTS out of Madera County and position Madera County as the only County fighting for continued freedom of access to Yosemite Valley by private vehicle. 

Addressing the budget and pension solvency will take tough decisions tempered with common sense and critical evaluation of every line item. 

According to state law, Madera County receives 75% of gas taxes and the right to pick road projects.  I would start with widening Deadwood to thee lanes for fire and commuting safety.  I absolutely oppose high speed rail and the proposal to raise gas tax 12 cents to pay for it — this is not what was passed by voters.

The incumbent has been in office over seven years.  Let's review his track record.  After criticizing an opponent's viable solution to a sustainable source of water from Redinger Lake as a "pipe dream," he and the board of supervisors are now mandating you reduce water consumption by 25%. 

Knowing for years urgent healthcare needed help, his solution was asking you to write a letter. 

With respect to the General Plan and Area Plans, he attempted to de-certify Coarsegold's Area Plan Committee while enabling a supporter to maintain a commercial business illegally in a residential neighborhood. 

You may have watched his Air Resources Board commercial asking you to give up your wood burning stove.  He denies YARTS is YARTS.  With respect to budget management, he calls county staff "lean and mean" — translated understaffed and overworked. 

He must acknowledge the severity of the pension shortfall before a solution can be found, rather than kicking the can down the road. 

While Measure T money earmarked for Deadwood has yet to materialize, Road 200 sure looks good.  It seems lack of proper understanding of distribution of gas taxes and environmental concerns have prevented any attempt at prioritizing Highway 41 safety.  Meanwhile the incumbent was the deciding vote to stop opposing High Speed Rail.

Based on his track record, I would not debate me either.  If you agree it is time for real effort to find real solutions, please vote Paul Cliby, District 5 Supervisor.

 If you believe you and Madera County are not in a better position than eight years ago, I humbly ask for your vote to be your voice.

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