Oakhurst woman violates probation, sentenced to two years

May 23, 2014 

Last week, Janice Mossman Aguilar, 41, of Oakhurst, was sentenced to county jail for violating her terms of probation, previously ordered by the Sierra Division of the Madera Superior Court at Bass Lake, according to Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz.

Ms. Aguilar’s case arose on August 29, 2012, when a witness observed Ms. Aguilar holding a small puppy on the ground and punching it repeatedly with her fist until its eye was dislocated from its socket. On March 12, 2013, she entered a plea to the felony charge of animal cruelty.

On April 9, 2013, the Superior Court sentenced Aguilar to three years of felony probation and ordered her to serve 76 days in custody at the Madera County Department of Corrections.

Following her initial sentencing, Aguilar violated her terms of probation and committed new crimes including petty theft and obstructing a peace officer. Because of these violations, the Superior Court revoked Ms. Aguilar’s probation. Last week, the court sentenced Aguilar to two years in custody. Because the legislature “realigned” the sentencing laws in 2011, Ms. Aguilar will be incarcerated in the Madera County Department of Corrections instead of state prison.

-Madera County District Attorney

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