Wheeler support

Letters to the Editor - 5/22/14 edition

May 21, 2014 

Dear Editor,

I support Tom Wheeler for District 5 supervisor. Wheeler is dedicated to the betterment of our community, working on a tiring 24/7 schedule, to study issues/proposals, and to listen and respond to our concerns.

Supervisor Wheeler is self made, strong in his convictions, and respected by his peers and colleagues, because of his dedication to his position as a Madera County supervisor. His commitment to conservation, property rights, and common sense policies continue to guide a successful theme to our community.

Supervisor Wheeler consistently supports actions that help people who want to work hard and achieve success, while striving to improve conditions and opportunities throughout Madera County by seeking and encouraging job-creating businesses.

Supervisor Wheeler's opponent simply would be overwhelmed catching up, and District 5 would suffer at a time now that we need to flourish.

I will vote for Supervisor Wheeler because he stands up for the people, and fights for the people in Madera County, in a present environment of government domination of our lives.

Tom Thomas, Bass Lake

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