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Letters to the Editor - 5/22/14 edition

May 21, 2014 

Dear Editor,

This Election Day, June 3, Madera County voters choose between two candidates for the office of County Auditor-Controller: Marcia Hall, CPA or Todd Miller, CPA. It is time voters hear from one who has worked in the auditor-controller's office for the last eight years, six of them as assistant auditor controller or interim auditor controller.

Marcia Hall is the candidate more able to discharge the duties of the office and deserving of the opportunity to serve as elected auditor-controller. I offer two reasons for choosing her over Todd Miller: 1) when appointed auditor-controller in January 2012, Hall came to the office with years of experience auditing government entities; and 2) she has worked diligently throughout her two years in office absorbing additional knowledge required to execute her duties as auditor-controller.

The same two reasons make Todd Miller a distant second choice: 1) he has no experience with governmental accounting; and 2) if elected, many months of learning on the job will be required before he can be as effective as Marcia Hall is now. For no one comes to the office with all knowledge or skills required; much of the knowledge is acquired and skills honed in office.

If we do not elect Marcia Hall, progress in this office will halt, while another auditor-controller, Todd Miller, acquires sufficient knowledge of governmental accounting and county operations to begin to address the challenges of the office. Meanwhile, the county will have suffered immeasurable cost to taxpayers in lost time and missed opportunities to correct the county's pressing problems.

On June 3, please cast your vote for Marcia Hall for auditor-controller and for real, continuing improved performance of this office.

James Boyajian, CPA, Madera

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