I know all these candidates

Letters to the Editor - 5/22/14 edition

May 21, 2014 

Dear Editor,

We have five excellent candidates from Eastern Madera County running for county offices. They are Tom Wheeler, for re-election as District 5 Supervisor, David Linn for district attorney, Dennis Fairbanks for sheriff, Todd Miller for auditor/controller, and Scott Runtzel for assessor.

I know all these candidates, I respect them, I trust them, and I support them. Each of these candidates, if elected will serve us well.

Currently the district attorney's office is regarded as nothing less than a 'disaster' by numerous county employees, including people in that office. David Linn, a dedicated and respected community leader, has the experience and integrity to restore much needed competence and trust.

Current leadership of the auditor/controller's office is demonstrably inadequate. Too many important deadlines are being missed, and the deficiencies are well known.

CPA Todd Miller has established a reputation for getting things done accurately, and in a timely manner. Dennis Fairbanks is tough on crime but he is also smart on crime. I want both. He has plans to bring more community involvement to the sheriff's department, as he has done so successfully in his leadership role with Sierra Ambulance Service for nearly two decades. More effective law enforcement at no additional cost to the taxpayer – works for me.

Tom Wheeler has brought an abundance of common sense to the governing of Madera County, and deserves another term.

The assessor's race is a no brainer. Runtzel is qualified for the job, Svanda is not. Runtzel is an experienced, licensed appraiser. His background in banking; and real estate, including realtors association leadership and real property appraisal, make him the clear choice for the job of assessor. The learning curve for Svanda would be very steep.

I hope you will join me in supporting these respected community leaders in June.

Ed Bailey, Oakhurst

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