Many convictions

May 20, 2014 

It has been my personal and professional privilege to serve the people of Madera County as your District Attorney.

The district attorney's office is responsible for prosecuting criminals who threaten the safety of our families and way of life in Madera County.

It is my mission to aggressively and fairly prosecute those who violate the law, and also to uphold the rights of victims, require ethical conduct and integrity in government, and operate my office efficiently to ensure the highest value for taxpayers.

I have been involved in law enforcement in Madera County, as a volunteer reserve deputy sheriff, and later as a deputy district attorney for over 34 years. During my tenure as your district attorney, my steadfast focus has been on public safety.

I am very proud of the work my office is doing, and for the privilege of leading a staff of very talented and dedicated people in the pursuit of justice.

We have achieved many successful convictions in prosecuting murder, driving under the influence, gang violence, and child abuse cases, and secured lengthy prison sentences for those who chose to violate the law.

In fact, statistical reports published by the Judicial Council of California reflect that since I took office, criminal convictions in Madera County are 17% higher than the rate of conviction prior to my tenure.

Unfortunately, our work is not done, for there is still much to do for the people of Madera County, especially with the challenges brought on by prison realignment and the release of convicted felons into our communities. That is why I have decided to run again for election.

In the recent past, the increasing and very serious challenges of slim budgets and the growth of violent crime across our state call for an experienced prosecutor. My track record demonstrates that I have the knowledge of how to "do the job" and a proven ability to address the crime issues facing our communities.

I am honored to have the endorsement of the Fresno County Republican Assembly, two of the authors of California's "Three Strikes and You're Out" legislation, Mike Reynolds and Bill Jones, former Secretary of State of California, as well as Crime Victims United, a statewide victim's rights group.

These endorsements are testament to the fact that I am the only candidate with a proven track record, and the only candidate who has demonstrated a life-long commitment to the safety of our communities.

Additionally, I am honored by the endorsement of the following leaders: Senators Tom Berryhill and Anthony Canella, former Madera County Supervisors Gary Gilbert, Vern D. Moss, and Patricia Manfredi, City of Madera Mayor Robert Poythress and council members Andy Medellin, Derek O. Robinson, Sr., and Donald Holley, former Madera County Administrative Officer Stell Manfredi, Madera Unified School District Trustees Robert Garibay and Ray Seibert.

I would be honored to continue to serve as your district attorney and would appreciate your vote on June 3.

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