Mixed message

Letters to the Editor - 5/15/14 edition

May 15, 2014 

Dear Editor,

In the May 8 Sierra Star, Congressman Tom McClintock authored a very constructive rebuttal to Peter Cavanaugh's earlier column. In it McClintock addressed, point by point, Cavanaugh's questions (accusations) and presented his positions in short but clear paragraphs. While I don't always agree with our incumbent Congressman, I was greatly impressed by his positive and non-combatant response. It was constructive politics, seemed to me.

Then, last Friday, in the mail, came a 100% negative mailer filled with snide accusations against Congressional candidate Art Moore. It was sponsored and paid for by McClintock for Congress. Not a positive thought from McClintock, just sniping.

McClintock took a fall in my esteem, negating the positives of his Sierra Star guest commentary. I surely wish he (and other candidates) would stick to telling us what they intend to do if elected (or re-elected), and knock off the opponent-bashing negative politics.

John W. Hays, Oakhurst

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