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editorial@sierrastar.comMay 13, 2014 

It was the best vacation, it was the worst vacation. After several hours and several hundred miles of countless potholes and multiple miles of "Road work ahead" signs, (with no workers in sight), we exited the tarnished Golden State for the relief of the Grand Canyon State.

The most immediate realization was the fact that the price of gasoline had dropped 60 cents per gallon. Gosh, I wonder what the difference could be?

The Southern Arizona desert was magnificent with millions of cacti, bushes and my beloved Palo Verde trees in various stages of bloom. Prepared with a full calendar of plans, we focused on a month of rest and relaxation.

I was blessed to take my brother to lunch for his birthday, spend some time with my sister, hosted a special barbecue for my niece and her family, (at the foot of the magnificent Superstition Mountains), and we were treated to an incredible day at Phoenix's Musical Instrument Museum by my cousin. We also enjoyed taking one of my very best friends to lunch for his birthday and had a few "toddies" and talked about the good ol' days.

We visited a ghost town, ancient cave dwellings and a walled village a thousand years old, lakes and rivers, and spent time at our camp feeding ducks, chipmunks, lots of cactus wrens and cottontail rabbits.

Before leaving I called my good friend to wish him well only to learn that my dear friend had died of a heart attack two days after his birthday. It was a very sad trip home.

Upon reentering our once proud state, I found myself cussing the exorbitant gas taxes we pay in California and how blatantly evident it is that those dollars haven't been spent as required by the taxpayers. Our "infrastructure" is a disastrous embarrassment. A Fresno Bee column, May 2, by Michael Kelton, tells us to hang on because there are new hidden gas tax hikes in the near future.

There's no place like home. Well, almost.

Having been almost "newsless" for a month, I returned to learn that the NBA drove a massive spike in the coffin of the freedom of speech. The LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, is banned for life for having had a private, though distasteful, conversation which was "leaked" to the media. If we fail to worship at the throne of liberalism, we are doomed to be branded racists, sexist or homophobe and lose our livelihood. Even our private conversations are subject to the Gestapo mentality. Sorry folks, only politically correct speech is allowed in this country.

California "lawmakers," (what a joke), fine-tuned Governor Moonbeam's "driver's licenses for illegals law" to be sure that information on the illegal DMV applications won't be subject to the state's open-records laws. It's more protection for the criminal element, less protection for law-abiding citizens. California state government really is nuts.

The California economy is doing so great our state government no longer needs companies like Occidental Petroleum, Raytheon, Legalzoom, Waste Connections, Daegis, Revionics or even Toyota. Those boys and girls in Sacramento are real economic wizards, huh?

I also see that California is casting its greedy eye on private wells. Look for new legislation on that "freedom."

California law now defines "marriage" as a personal relationship arising from a civil contract between two people. I can hardly wait for the next "equality" issue. Meetings are being held in the restroom of your choice.

The Obama Administration is dancing a jig with the new and improved unemployment figures. The only problem is they don't know how to figure. It doesn't matter, no one with intelligence believes anything out of the Obama Administration.

You gotta' read the fine print but it's finally official: the US taxpayers only lost $11.2 billion on the government "bailout" of General Motors. Sweet deal.

It's good to be home. I caught up on my Sierra Star reading and I'm relieved to learn that fellow columnists Alan Cheah and Peter Cavanaugh are still working hard to bring about Barack Obama's dream of fundamentally changing The United States of America to The Socially Equal States of America. That, of course, excludes our ruling class.

Mr. Cheah believes that Obamacare is a success and Mr. Cavanaugh can't see that the "progressive" takeover by Obamacare has its talons in more than one sixth of our economy.

I'm reminded of an old WWI song, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."

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