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atwoods@sti.netMay 6, 2014 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. Even the guys are wished a happy Mother's Day because that is how the holiday's founder, Anna Mae Jarvis intended us to celebrate this day to honor our mothers. Her intent was to wish each person a happy day in honor of their mother — not them as being a mother or not. So when you heard the greeting from Anna Mae, she was honoring your mom. Whew — that is confusing.

Getting back to honoring our mothers. While I would encourage those who still have their mothers around to present her with gifts, flowers, a card, a visit, a meal, or a call, the idea is to let her know how much you care for her.

My wife and I will not be able to hug our mothers this year. Carol lost her mom when she was only seven and I lost mine 19 years ago. I sure wish we could have one more visit but that isn't in the cards.

The way we can continue to honor our mothers is to be good sons and good daughters. We can make them happy beyond the one day of the year by making them pleased with the way we live our lives each hour of each day of the year.

We need to act with integrity. No mom wants to see her child listed as "wanted" by law enforcement. We need to be charitable. No mom wants to see her child walk by a person who is truly in want of assistance. We can be faithful to our families and spouses. No mom wants to see her child's family wanting in these areas.

When I first moved to this area in 1980 and walked into my church for the first time a lovely lady, Eloise Lynch, welcomed me and stated, "Your mother is be delighted that you are here today." I was surprised by her comment and asked how she knew my mother. She stated that she did not know her but told me, "On behalf of all moms everywhere, any mom would be happy to see her son in church on any Sunday." At age 28 I smiled. At age 61 I understand.

For this Mother's Day what each of us can do for our moms, whether alive or not, is to live our lives in a manner they dreamed about when they held us for the first time. None of us was held on our birthday and had a mom wish that ill-fortune would befall us. Not one mom prayed for misfortune to find our homes. Not one mom hoped we would become a burden to others through our own actions.

No — each of us had moms who hoped for the best, sat up nights and nursed us through sickness, understood our hurts, dried our tears, hugged us when we lost the big game, and cheered us on even when we came in last during the race.

None of us had perfect mothers either. If you knew my mom, you know she had her good points and she had her weaknesses. But she was the one lady chosen by my dad to be his bride and the mother of his two sons. She was the one God chose to raise my brother and I and while, far less than perfect, she did the best she could do. Two sons; two Eagle Scouts; two college graduates; two men faithful to their wives; two teachers; two men involved in their respective church; both vote; and both live by the rule of law.

Mom seemed to have done something right. Yes — dad was there and active but having both parents had its impact and so I feel safe in saying that my brother and I have given our mom several pleasant Mother's Day holidays in that she could look at us and be pleased with what she had done as a parent.

So, please don't give your mom a gift, card, flower, call, or visit this weekend out of a sense of obligation. Do cherish your golden opportunity to give you mom a gift, card, flower, call, or visit out of love. Those of us who have our mothers at home with the Lord sure wish we could do what you still get to do.

So, to my mom, Harriet, along with Carol's mom, Martha, and to all your mothers, I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day.

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