Proud dog lover unite a Oakminister last weekend

Community CorrespondentApril 29, 2014 

The second Annual Oakminster Dog Show brought together hundreds of dog lovers throughout the mountain community, to showcase their favorite canine friends. This event which was held Sunday, literally transformed the Oakhurst Community Park into a playground for man's best friend. More than a hundred breeds of dogs came together with their owners, to strut their stuff in order to claim the highest of honor — "Best in Show."

The Oakminster which features mixed breeds of all caliber, ranging from toy (2-3 pounds) to giants, is designed for dog lovers to come out and have an outing with their dogs, along with some quality and friendly canine socializing.

"This event was so much fun last year, the volunteers were so excited to participate in putting this years event together for the second time," President of the Oakhurst Mountain Lions Club Wayanne Markly said. "There are thousands of dog lovers throughout our community and this is a way for us to reach out to them, while having a great time raising money for the future Eastern County SPCA Animal Shelter."

Judge Markly scored dogs in two categories — obedience and conformation, the later of two bringing in the most weight. "Conformation is how your dog looks," Markly added. "Are they clean? Are they nice? Are they approachable? We then place them in first, second and third-place categories. This is something that most people would not be able to do unless they flew across the country."

Gail Hawksworth, who helped organize this fundraiser, tried just that — to travel across the country to attend Westminster. After a few failed attempts due to weather, she took some good advice from a close friend and brought Westminster to her. "This is such a great event, with over 60 entries and hundreds of spectators," Hawksworth said. "I hope to see this fundraiser grow each year.

For most who come out, this is a chance not only to showcase their dog's talents, but to expose them to other dogs. Lorie Roberts of Coarsegold, who owns two small standard Poodles, Finn and Lucy, and has owned poodles all her life said, "I just came out here to expose my puppies to other dogs and people."

Perhaps Roger A Caras, host of the Westminster Dog Show said it best: "Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

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