Tax the other guy

Letters to the Editor - 4/24/14 edition

April 23, 2014 

Dear Editor,

Hypocrites, we are. The Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau is seeking to continue a 2% tax on top of the already 9% on visitors that stay at hotels (bed tax). This tax will help to fund their operations. I cry foul as our conservative community is now supporting this tax. It appears we are willing to complain about taxes but when it come to taxing the other guy, that's okay.

More than 80% of the facilities are supporting this tax because they can add it to the bottom line of the bill. I would bet few would support it, if it was not allowed to be a line item on the bill.

The visitors bureau is a private non profit. If they need funding, then they should seek it from their customers without the heavy hand of government.

The tax like most is unfair too, targeting only hotels. Tourists spend money all over the community and most tourist-related businesses will not be taxed.

Marc Sobel, Oakhurst

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