I want a barracuda

Letters to the Editor - 4/24/14 edition

April 22, 2014 

Dear Editor,

While sitting with David Linn at the recent Elegant Auction, we reminisced about the obstacles surmounted by the Oakhurst Community Park Committee to create the park. Many may not know that David created the vision for the park and led the effort, wrangling with the county to secure the necessary permits required to make the park a reality. He never gave up, even when the rest of us were tired, mired, and exasperated.

As you know, David Linn is now running for Madera County District Attorney. I don't do Letters to the Editor, however, because of my long friendship and association with David on the park committee, I'm compelled to speak to his candidacy.

As a successful trial attorney in a small town, David has admittedly squashed toes. When representing a client, his reputation is akin to that of a barracuda — in the best interests of his client, though perhaps downright mean and ugly when viewed from the other side.

I've always said that if I ever need an attorney, I want a barracuda representing me.

David's modus operandi as DA representing the interests of the client and the office seems a good thing to me. David will lead the DA's office by example, taking his 30+ years as a successful trial attorney into the courtroom. I believe he will bring the vision, the leadership, and the tenacity required to do good things for the Madera County District Attorney's office.

Mary Pence, Ahwahnee

Note: David Linn is married to Betty Linn, publisher of the Sierra Star.

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