Dumped trash

Letters to the Editor - 4/10/14 edition

April 9, 2014 

Dear Editor,

Many, including myself who like to practice our shooting skills, are familiar with the U.S. Forest Service location near Bass Lake off Road 222. This location for years has been used by both law enforcement and the public for this purpose.

Often you will find loads of dumped trash including glass, TVs, old refrigerators, water heaters and an occasional car. Who do you think is assigned or paid to clean this up? Last week, over four truck loads of trash were hauled to the dump. I am not naïve to the fact that we live among those who don't have a clue about being considerate to others, but the outright negligence of a select few have made this location a dump site.

Each of us are responsible in assuring this place stays open simply by demonstrating that we who shoot are a responsible segment of society. Perhaps we should remind those thinking of leaving their trash, that they are illegally littering and if caught will face a hefty fine. As a long time shooter, NRA and CCW instructor, I encourage those of us who care to spread the word.

Wynn Simon, Oakhurst

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