Respectful candidacy

Letters to the Editor - 4/10/14 edition

April 9, 2014 

Dear Editor,

Having attended the Raymond Town Hall meeting recently, it was obvious that Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz is being slammed by people including Supervisor Tom Wheeler.

As a voter, I don't vote for people who speak negatively about those they are running against. Nor will I cast a vote for Mr. Wheeler who as a leader takes the opportunity to put someone down because of his own personal views. People who serve us and our community should be above such behavior.

Having said that, I did choose to have Mr. Keitz's signs posted on my fence and that is my right as a voter. Unfortunately, there are some people who chose to use spray paint to deface those signs on my personal property.

Out of respect I took the signs down ... but by no means does that indicate that I won't vote for a candidate of my choice. So yes, whomever you are, you took your vengeance out on a sign, but it has made me all the more determined to speak out in favor of whom I will cast my vote.

Sandee Connolly, Raymond

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