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Letters to the Editor - 4/10/14 edition

April 9, 2014 

Dear Editor,

It's spring and they're popping up all over. No, not mushrooms or wild flowers but the much more prolific and intrusive man-made phenomenon known as temporary political campaign signs. Rules respecting private property, highway right away and even the professional courtesy of not obstructing one sign with another seem to be ignored by some during this season of fervent attention getting.

Unfortunately, it says much to counter the character some try to espouse in words on their signs. Most have terse slogans (promises) which often are as forgotten after as they are ambiguous during an election cycle.

Yet, as they clutter our highways and surface streets, they are a part of our democratic way, a part of our freedom of speech.

During the pitch black and stormy trip back up Highway 41 from The Ranchos to O'Neals recently, through the sleet and obliterating highway glare, I must credit the seemingly endless string of bright white campaign sign sentinels for my safe return home.

The good news is that they all, big and small, must be removed within 10 days after the June 3 primary election.

Once again, we will be able to witness a display of character through deeds, not words. Please exercise your right to vote.

Ray Krause, O'Neals

Editor's Note: Ray Krause is a candidate for Madera County supervisor, District 1.

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