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Letters to the Editor - 4/10/14 edition

April 8, 2014 

Dear Editor,

As I read Peter Cavanaugh's piece on Congressman McClintock, I found myself agreeing with him on the 100% pure rating of McClintock. I had to laugh because actions speak louder than words. How can McClintock justify giving his chief of staff Igor Birman such a massive raise (about $30,000) during a recession, so he now makes more than $150,000 while our district suffered during the shutdown and the vote against extending unemployment benefits. I thought the shutdown was to stop government waste — that appears to be waste. How many people in our district receive a $30,000 wage increase and make more than $150,000, and then go on an extended leave to run for congress.

Likewise, how can McClintock justify lying about getting a state pension. The Sacramento Bee uncovered this lie. Instead of calling Art Moore, a veteran, the liberal, McClintock might look in the mirror to see the one who is really liberal at wasting tax dollars on such raises and his own pension.

I smell a rat and think there is a story here. Funny, today McClintock is speaking about more cuts, maybe he should look at his own office.

Ralph Combs, Oakhurst

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