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Guess what I heard

editorial@sierrastar.comApril 8, 2014 

I was talking to someone the other day and they told me how Yosemite Bicycle had just closed, and that the owner would open shop in Fresno. I looked at him and said, "Have you looked on your left going up Highway 41? You know, right next to Martignoni Glass and if you can't find it, it's right where Revive Day Spa used to be."

See by keeping your eyes open you notice things all over town.

I was buying some candy and stuff at CVS and when I got to the checkout counter, it totaled $20. I opened my wallet and had a bunch of those coupon things, which are usually outdated. Well Penny told me to let her see them and she started zapping them with her toy and guess what? I only had to cough up $8. Penny told me to tell you don't let those coupons expire because they really help and I can back her up on that.

Anne at Branches Books and Gifts is presenting Self Awareness for Readers. You can see all the latest books along with a little synopsis of what each book is about. Great for picking out a book and some can be downloaded, if you have the gadget for it.

Mom's Day is coming up and you know most Moms love to shop. Remember Mountain Bucks? She can use them shopping and can have lunch. It could be a real treat and would help our shop local program. We all need to get behind this to make it effective.

The 2014 Fall Festival Planning session is getting underway. The next meeting will be April 16. Please call to volunteer(559) 683-7766.

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