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atwoods@sti.netApril 1, 2014 

March 27 marked the 56th anniversary of Nikita Khrushchev assuming power as the Premier of the Soviet Union. He was a frightening man to many in western nations, and especially frightening to many Americans. He had been heard at a speech in November of 1956 telling people that the Soviets would bury people like us.

Many took it as a threat of nuclear war and he became a scary man with which to deal in the world. What Khrushchev was referencing was the economics of the times and he saw capitalism being killed off and that communism would ultimately prevail.

That attitude is scary to many, as well. In the 1950s we had the beginnings of the rebuilding of our economy from all of the costs of the second world war, along with the costs of the war in Korea. Many Americans, along with our allies, had made sacrifices to battle oppression and thousands of veterans had given the ultimate sacrifice to make the world safer for those of us who were to follow in their footsteps as Americans.

Those who fought made that sacrifice so that the American way of life could continue and prosper. The Great Depression had taken its toll on the world and this country, and the costs of those wars drained resources greatly.

People saw here a chance to better their own lives and the lives of their family by getting educated, getting jobs, working hard, and in doing so, getting ahead. The idea that this government owed you anything just wasn't a widely-held belief.

In January of 1961 John F. Kennedy stated, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Kennedy would stand toe-to-toe against Khrushchev with his comments in Berlin, and Kennedy would stand up to the Soviet threat in Cuba during the missile crisis that made everyone aware of the threat of the use of atomic weapons.

Reagan told Premier Gorbachov to, "Tear down this wall." Standing in Berlin, Reagan had the ability to face down the Soviets because the Russians feared Reagan and the space-based defense system we were developing.

Jimmy Carter saw what his weakness brought him. He smiled and he was charming, but the enemies of America saw him as he was — a weak leader in over his head. The hostages sat in Iran for 444 days while Carter spent his last 444 days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

During the presidential campaign, Reagan had been asked how he would negotiate with the terrorists in Iran and he simply stated that he wouldn't deal with terrorists. Military action would send a message. Iranian terrorists understood that and while Reagan was being inaugurated and the ceremony was taking place at our nation's capitol, the Iranians released our folks.

History repeats itself and we must learn from history. Each generation must make the sacrifices for the next generation to enjoy the benefits of freedom. We can't have our heads in the clouds when we have to deal with those who want to destroy what we have.

Secretary of State Kerry telling the world that Putin is on, "the wrong side of history" or "these actions aren't done in the 21st century," are laughable. First, the secretary had better notice. Putin did advance into Ukraine in the 21st century. In fact, in the past month — just after assuring the president that the Russians had zero interest in going into Crimea. Kerry needs to understand that the history books are written by the winners of the wars and not the defeated.

The Russian textbooks will tell of the glorious actions of the Soviet Army and the 99.9% vote by the Crimeans to rejoin the old Soviet Union. On March 29, 1936 Hitler got a 99% vote in the referendum to have the Rhineland annex with Germany.

So while many may applaud the draw-down of the American military to levels less than what we had prior to WWII and explain it away with words that we have technology and have the superior forces in the world, they ignore one simple fact: what happens when the despots attack all around us?

Putin isn't afraid of the community organizer. Iran is ignoring the treaty with the community organizer — the Chinese and the North Koreans are not troubled by the community organizer and our allies can't believe the community organizer. Those despots have never been afraid of any community organizer in their countries because community organizers are either shot on the spot or arrested, tried in a mockery of a trial, and sentenced to death.

The bad actors in this world only understand strength and that strength comes from military might.

In November of 1956 when Khrushchev said the Soviets would bury us, he knew it would take time. Putin understands history and use of force.

The president wants to bury his head in the sand.

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