Time to fold 'em

editorial@sierrastar.comApril 1, 2014 

Dec. 18, 1917, the Congress of the United States of America passed the 18th Amendment to our nation's Constitution. A provision of that amendment was that the nation had seven years to ratify it. It was ratified within one year and 31 days. Thanks to major political pressure from organizations such as the Temperance Movement, the alcoholic beverage became illegal in America.

The next 14 years saw the creation of incredible criminal fortunes, including those of the Kennedy clan of Massachusetts, glorification of criminal celebrity profiles, and gangland blood baths. After almost 15 years, Congress said "oops" and repealed the 18th Amendment of our Constitution.

This may come as a total shock to some of you, but our government doesn't always get it right.

Enter the glorious, enlightened age of the 21st century, when those in government, known as the Ruling Class, are little more than educated idiots.

I don't think Walt Disney could create the two biggest looney tunes in Washington. The author, Stephen King perhaps, but not Disney. I'm speaking of none other than the lying, doddering old Vegas crime boss, Senator Harry Reid, and the total goofball, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi.

It's billed as "The Affordable Care Act." It was passed, to a large degree, because dipstick Pelosi insisted our Congress pass the legislation so we could, "find out what's in it." That, and the warm and fuzzy notion that all men are created with health care.

The definitions of 'affordable and Health Care' haven't been modified yet because ex-boxer Uncle Harry won't send anything regarding the slightest modification of the disastrous law on for a vote of the Senate, even though the president modifies it daily. That cunning old weasel, Harry, took one too many to the head back in the day, but his wallet bulges bigger than most old crime bosses.

Make no mistake, the 18th Amendment to our Constitution, (prohibition), and the Affordable Care Act, (government takeover of the health industry), came to the vote on the same sleazy, freedom killing platter — the government knows what's best for us and will ram it down our throats even if it kills us.

Unless you are a Socialist, simply naïve, or an uninformed ignoramus, the Affordable Care Act is based on nothing but lies. Like the 18th Amendment to our Constitution, it was born in the warm and fuzzy world of helping people who are incapable of helping themselves. To "protect" the few, we must be willing to sacrifice the many. No matter the cost.

Now, just pretend for a moment that the charismatic, rah-rah speaking, Barack Obama is president in 1917, leading up to the 18th Amendment to our Constitution. Unbeknownst to most folks, he has a strong belief in a socialistic form of government and a disdain for the principles that made America exceptional.

Looking towards the profitability of this new prohibition, he exempts the unions. Yeah, they can keep drinking. And those who loaded his campaign coffers with cash? Sure, they can keep on drinking. Well, some of those guys over there can only drink for a couple more years.

Mr. President promised that if you like your drink, you could keep your drink. This legislation was for those who couldn't help themselves. Why, some of them even need government assistance to make a purchase. No worries. Those who can afford to drink will pay for those who can't.

Oh, I almost forgot. Those nice Temperance Ladies must sell alcohol to those Mr. President has allowed to drink. In the mean time, well, we'll just postpone this part of that part and see if this anti-alcohol thing will make it until after the next election. Don't forget, it's the "Law of the Land" and if you should sip the brew without exemption, you'll be "taxed" by the might of the IR/SS backed by the full weight of the five-to-four vote of the United Stated Supreme Court. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi said so.

I humbly beseech our God that this country not continue to wither for 15 years before we repeal Obismal Care.

Notes: Major kudos to Jeremy Becker and John Pero for their excellent guest commentaries in the March 27 edition of the Sierra Star.

My wife and I are taking a little trip to visit friends and family in a state more friendly to the United States Constitution. I'll be back in the Sierra Star in May.

Vaya con Dios.

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