I stand behind this teacher

Letters to the Editor - 3/27/14 edition

March 25, 2014 

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor published March 20 about the Yosemite High School teacher. The letter writer challenged the adults in this community to take a stand about the transgender teacher. Live and let live is a great philosophy and who are we to judge is a good question.

This situation is not an assault on the minds and morals of our children. The students at Yosemite High are not children, they are teenagers who are at the point in their lives when they are evaluating their own sexual identities; this is an excellent opportunity to explore and discuss personal differences and tolerance of others.

I do not know Ms. Scot. I do not understand her situation, but I can only imagine the pain she has endured throughout her life. This could not have been an easy decision for her. At the age of 56, she should be entitled to live the rest of her life in a way that makes her feel comfortable. Her gender orientation should in no way diminish her record as an excellent teacher. She is the same person just with a new appearance.

She can not be held accountable for other people's feelings ... she can only follow her own path. I stand behind this teacher and I hope the community will applaud her courage.

Jean Wolf, Oakhurst

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