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Letters to the Editor - 3/27/14 edition

March 25, 2014 

Dear Editor,

Allow me to respond to the letter to the editor in last week's Sierra Star about the Yosemite High School teacher. The author of the letter stating that it is an "assault on our children's minds" is simply ridiculous.

A handful of students also struggle on a daily basis with their own genders, though Ms. Scot does not want her transition and teaching to coincide. I know many students may not only learn acceptance and tolerance that is much needed in today's world, but for those aforementioned going through a mentally similar situation, she's a beacon of hope.

She shows it can get better, and all the while keep your job. Discrimination in the workplace is nearly as bad as most transgendered people have it from their own friends and family. The fact that YHS is supporting her through all this is a huge example of loving acceptance — something that should be more often practiced.

The only "assault" I see here is from this woman who understands so little on the subject, and can not see past her blinding prejudices.

I hope someday everyone will learn how to view people with such differences as still being people.

Amiya Bracken, Coarsegold

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