Bad laws create fiscal and moral repercussions

Guest CommentaryMarch 25, 2014 

After reading the article "YHS teacher undergoes sex change" in the Sierra Star on March 20, I took the time to go to the online version at and download both the letter that the school district sent to every parent/guardian of students in the Yosemite Unified School District (YUSD) and the teacher's letter.

The school letter states "YUSD is committed to upholding the dignity and worth of all students and staff, and is committed to protecting the rights of all members of our school community." Really? How is this upholding the dignity, the worth, and the religious values of the students, their families and our community members?

The school letter continues, "Counseling staff will be available to discuss any issue with students ... parents or guardians who may have questions. We are committed to facilitating this in a sensitive way to all concerned."

So let me get this straight. My tax dollars were spent paying for hundreds of letters to be sent out to parents/guardians and will now be spent on counseling staff because of this teacher's life style. If more students decide they're transgendered, the school will eventually get enough complaints from the students and their parents and will need to use tax payer's money to build separate transgendered restrooms. If litigation comes against the school for this government forced policy it will also be paid for by our taxes. I find it offensive that my tax dollars are used for this purpose.

The teacher's letter states, "the decision was a wonderfully tremendous relief and has allowed him to embrace his true feelings." So it's all about the teacher and what he "feels." Feelings can lie. They are indicators, but we cannot be led by them. This teacher disregards the effect it has on the whole student body, staff and the community. This is the ultimate form of narcissism and selfishness.

Then he continues, "there are a lot of people that will disagree and think I made a choice but I didn't ... It's not a choice." Not his choice? He's making a choice to shame his family, receive HRT treatment and surgical modifications to his body and then flaunt his agenda on our community while pretending to be the victim — and now he has a convenient term called "Gender Dysphoria" that explains it all away.

If you do any research on this term, it is highly controversial. But let's say it actually is real. Even the literature states that if it's real, less than .05% of people have it. So we now abuse the privacy rights and religious beliefs of 99.95% of all students, staff, and community, and use our tax dollars for defending this insanity. This is nothing more than an arrogant government forcing immorality down our throats.

If in fact Gender Dysphoria is real, and if in fact this teacher truly has it, then the most loving thing he could do, is go into another occupation and leave our youth alone. That's called individual responsibility. Actions have consequences and this teacher has brought these consequences on himself and unfortunately upon his family and community as well.

I encourage others not to be intimidated with the prevailing political correctness culture in this situation. Additionally, we can work to repeal bad legislation such as AB1266 (Bathroom Bill) which was signed by Governor Brown in January 2014, that allows students who think they are transgendered to share the bathrooms, gyms, and showers of the opposite sex.

As Edmund Burke said — "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

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