Coarsegold students win county academic pentathlon

March 25, 2014 

Coarsegold Elementary School's 7th grade team were named the winners of the 2014 Madera County Academic Pentathlon March 22. Oak Creek Intermediate School placed second in the 8th grade competition.

Madera Ranchos Middle School won the 8th grade competition, and the school's 7th grade team placed second in its division.

Coarsegold Elementary School placed third in the 8th grade competition.

Nearly 400 students participated in this year's five-event academic competition, held on two days. Math and essay tests were held on Friday, March 14 in Madera, and literature, speech and super quiz were held March 22 at Ranchos Middle School.

"What a great day for our middle school students to showcase their academic talents," said Cyndy Dolph, associate superintendent, Madera County Office of Education. "We had more schools and more students participate than ever before in the 29 years of Academic Pentathlon."

Coarsegold placed second in the 7th grade Super Quiz competition and Ranchos Middle School placed third. Ranchos Middle School placed second in the 8th grade competition with Coarsegold Elementary School coming in third in the competition.

Each event contained a maximum of six students per team. Students were allowed to compete in as many tests as they wished. Teams had been practicing for this event since October.

Saturday's competition began with the speech and literature events. Participants delivered a four-minute prepared speech on the topic of responsibility and a two-minute impromptu speech in front a panel of three judges.

Literature students took a test based on the required reading Thunder Cave, by Roland Smith. Participants had 30 minutes to answer 50 questions based on the book, a poem and language skills.

The Super Quiz was conducted immediately following both events. Teams walked into the testing arena to face off in a series of questions on the topic "Islam and Medieval Africa."

Each super quiz team consisted of four to six members answering 15 questions out of 30. The four highest scores were added up to determine the winning team.

The awards ceremony was held immediately following the super quiz and lunch. Certificates and pins were handed out to all participating students.

County Academic Pentathlon results

Seventh grade winners:

Essay: Savannah Bass - Dairyland - Gold.

Kylie Hill - Wilson Middle - Silver.

Tyler Matyshock - Coarsegold - Bronze.

Literature: Kylie Farmer - Wilson Middle - Gold.

Lindsay Noble - Ranchos - Silver.

Stephen Reed - Sherman Thomas Charter - Bronze.

Math: Stephen Reed - Sherman Thomas

Charter - Gold.

Kylie Farmer - Wilson Middle - Silver.

Tyler Matyshock - Coarsegold - Silver.

Emily Nowka - Coarsegold - Silver.

Isaac Duarte-Villa - Thomas Jefferson - Bronze.

Speech: Sayda Taylor - Wasuma - Gold

Islam Sulieman - Wilson Middle - Silver

Amber Persson - Wasuma - Bronze.

Eighth grader winners:

Essay: Leslie Maciel - Jack G. Desmond Middle - Gold.

Brooke Archuleta - Wilson - Silver.

Lauren Wharton - Oak Creek Intermediate - Bronze.

Literature: Holly Hiatt - Ranchos - Gold.

Matthew Gutierrez - Thomas Jefferson - Silver.

Sarah Meeks - Wasuma - Silver.

Leslie Arevalo - Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado - Bronze.

Alexia Dahlin - Coarsegold - Bronze.

Kelsey Montalto - Oak Creek Intermediate - Bronze.

Math: Olivia Mattos - Oak Creek Intermediate - Gold.

Sarah Meeks - Wasuma - Gold

Patrick Monreal - St. Joachim - Gold.

Zachary Thach - Oak Creek Intermediate - Silver.

Kelsey Montalto - Oak Creek Intermediate - Bronze.

Speech: Peyton Garner - Oak Creek

Intermediate - Gold.

Sarah Meeks - Wasuma - Gold.

Rubiana Lopez - Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado - Silver.

Lauren Alexander - Ranchos - Bronze.

(Not all students listed are pictured)

Coarsegold 7th Grade Team Includes: Monique Ades, Eden Hussey, Tyler Matyshock, Emily Nowka, Hunter Palmer, Cale Sweeney, Paige Szabadi. Coaches: Richard Sischo, Robert Jackson, Jules Toggle

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