I honor her for being a great teacher

Letters to the Editor - 3/27/14 edition

March 25, 2014 

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read the March 20 letter to the editor from Kathi Bales, self appointed moral authority and small-minded judgmental trouble maker concerning her disapproval of a transsexual teacher at Yosemite High. She seems to be concerned with Karen Scot (nee Gary Sconce), an award-winning science teacher undergoing a sex change and returning to Yosemite High School in his previous role of bringing top quality education to our school.

Karen is moving through the process and both physical and mental challenges required to change her very being is a sign of strength, commitment and honesty that is found in only a very few special human beings. I applaud Karen for the courage and faith in the path she has taken.

Taking hormones seems to be at the front of Ms. Bales' complaint. As an excellent science teacher, Ms. Scot can tell you that sexuality in all animals is dependent upon hormones, and for those seeking physical changes, the hormones dictate what kind of body development takes place.

Ms. Scot did not sign a contract as a man or woman — she signed it as a human being dedicated to teaching our young people. Her sexuality does not impact her ability to teach ... that is unless people like Kathi Bales raise discriminatory, and baseless moral issues. Ms. Bales is not entitled to insist others live only in a world defined by their unthinking, unkind and small- minded boundaries, nor are they entitled to fill our children with hate and fear by launching a bullying campaign of misinformation and indignation.

I accept Karen, even though I have never met her. I love her for having the courage to be who she is. I honor her for being a great teacher and wish her all the best.

Just as a reference, I was the first student body president of Yosemite High School and am now a health care educator and executive.

Robin A. Conway, Camas, Wash.

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