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atwoods@sti.netMarch 11, 2014 

When I was growing up in Compton, I had a great fear with which to live.

It wasn't the bullies in the neighborhood but it was a constant threat. It was a fear of the Russians. Every last Friday of each month at 10 a.m., the air raid sirens would blast as a test of that system. Kids learned duck and cover drills and people talked about building bomb shelters. The Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev brought fear to many people because he came across as a man with a great deal of power and a willingness to use it.

President John F. Kennedy had to go up against this man and Kennedy had to display toughness toward his Soviet adversary. During the 13 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, it really was a scary time when we were on the brink of war.

Thankfully, some 'back channel" diplomacy took place and the Russians backed down and Kennedy quietly removed the U.S. missiles from Turkey.

What happened when those two were sending communications had to be nerve-racking, to say the least, but both men knew enough about the other to understand that each had an understanding of the situation and both seemed to have a great deal of respect for the other leader. Neither wanted to call the other's bluff. In fact — neither dared call the other's bluff.

Now fast forward 52 years later and we have a president who wants to talk about situations and thinks that he can offer to play nice with a tyrant in command in Moscow and have him cave.

Looking at the track record of the former community organizer, one need only look at where his tough leadership skills have placed the United States on the world stage.

Iran promised to stop developing atomic weapons if we lifted the sanctions.

The sanctions were lifted and Iranians were cheering in the streets because they had really given up nothing in exchanged for everything. Them 1, Obama 0.

Syria and the famous red line in the sand. Putin saved the day for the U.S. by getting involved but at the end of the day, the Syrian leader is still killing his enemies and the U.S. got nothing. Them 2, Obama 0.

In Benghazi, the terrorists killed four Americans and the president stated for the world to hear that it was a video, than later stated that those responsible for these acts would be brought to justice. Them 3, Obama 0.

Putin walks into Ukraine and his folks take over while the president tells him that the world doesn't like what Putin is doing and that there would be costs involved. I don't recall seeing the Russians leaving the Ukraine this past week. Them 4, Obama 0.

Israel has been thrown under the bus in exchange for our playing nice with the Palestinians. Them 5, Obama 0.

Given the above incidents along with his outright lies to the American people for the sole purpose of getting himself reelected, can you imagine any ally signing on to a pact against the Russians if asked by the community organizer- turned president.

The sad fact is that this president is in over his head. He chided Mitt Romney during the election when Romney cited the Russians as our number one threat, while President Obama thinks we have climate change as a terrorist concern. Sarah Palin was mocked when she raised concerns about the Soviets but gee whiz, she was right.

Obama stated that Al Qaeda was on the run but we now know that was a lie.

The small-minded man in the Oval Office thinks he can outsmart a man who has blood on his hands and who doesn't play by any set of fairness doctrine. Putin and other despots play hardball.

Ronald Reagan saw the need to build up the military that had been devastated by smilin' Jimmy Carter. The next president will have to do the same thing since our current commander-in-chief wants to decimate the military back to pre-WWII levels. Little wonder our enemies don't fear us and our friends don't believe us. Sorry Mr. President, but the Oval Office isn't a training seminar for law professors who want to play world leader.

The president called Putin twice this past week and the two spoke for almost two hours. Allowing for translations, this would mean an hour of dialogue. You have to ask how long it would have taken Reagan to have informed Putin that the U.S. had the support of many nations, that sanctions would be imposed in 48 hours and that the Russians needed to get out of Ukraine. Speak softly and carry a big stick was a phrase used by Teddy Roosevelt.

Barrack Obama would say, "Stop that. Stop that. I really mean it. I really do."

I feel like that little boy in Compton again because of world tensions.

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