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editorial@sierrastarMarch 4, 2014 

There is one thing I've learned with certainty: Whenever some politician says we must have "comprehensive" anything, nothing will get done.

Can we go back to square one? What, exactly, is wrong with our current immigration laws? We hear a lot about what senator so-and-so thinks we ought to do regarding our 12 million illegal foreigners but we never hear how it got to this point. What, exactly, wasn't enforced and who didn't enforce it?

A couple of years ago, the state of Arizona passed legislation that would effectively enforce immigration according to federal statutes. Our brilliant Federal Attorney General Holder sued the state of Arizona. Huh? Perhaps proper enforcement would have uncovered Fast and Furious before the death of one of our Border Patrol agents.

Think of the United States of America as a living human body. The body has lost a foot due to the human not seeing a varmint trap. The human is hemorrhaging, possibly fatally. In surgery the doctor says, "Tests indicate this person needs heart surgery. Don't worry about the foot, let's open his chest." That is the state of our "immigration reform."

It's frightening when you realize that some idiots in congress have the power to "legislate." They seem to hungrily slobber over the opportunity to "legislate" but haven't a clue when it comes to what existing law or the Constitution actually says.

"We must pass this so we can find out what's in it," demanded one of California's greatest blithering idiots. I shudder when I consider the mentality of anyone who would actually vote for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or even John McCain.

Would someone in Washington, DC, please grow up and secure our borders? Please? Probably not anytime soon. They're all busy planning a "path to citizenship" for 12 million illegal foreigners. We have a path to citizenship and it has not been enforced for decades. The patient is hemorrhaging, for God's sake.

Most of us who work, or have worked, for a living can see "the path" is relatively simple. Secure the border. Period. Amend the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution to eliminate automatic citizenship to children born in this country when both parents are foreign citizens. Are you aware of the increase in Chinese citizens flying here just to give birth?

Develop a realistic foreigner work permit system. I suspect such law exists. It's just conveniently forgotten by some up-and-coming "legislator."

Round-up the criminal foreign element, prosecute and or deport them, determine who is left with qualifying service to our nation, and issue them a "ticket" to get in line. Deport the rest. Enforce our immigration laws. Period. No free services for foreigners here illegally. Period. With legal immigration status, certain services should be supplied. Period.

And then there's California, the Golden State: "Hello, I'm Governor Moonbeam of California. Did all you illegal foreigners get your driver's licenses yet? Can I get you more health care? Our president has that for you. In fact, our own state senator, Ricardo Lara, a socialist from Bell Gardens, has submitted SB 1005 which will give free health care to everyone, regardless of citizenship, using money supplied by California taxpayers."

"Need food stamps? You can buy lobster with them. How about free education? We even teach in Spanish. Our wealthy taxpayers have much more we can legislatively confiscate. Wow — all of this for free. And you have absolutely no right to be here. Are we a great nation or what?"

Please, seriously consider this: Everything our legislators do "for" illegal foreigners is paid out by our government by doing the opposite "to" us. Think about that. The vast majority of proposed and existing immigration reform is "for" the illegal foreigner and "to" the American taxpayer. What, exactly, has our government done to protect its citizenry against an invasion by 12 million people? We're legislatively stuck paying the bill for their incompetence, with the serious threat of bankruptcy.

I strongly suspect a correlation between our president's attempt to redefine "minimum wage" as "living wage" to assist 12 million illegal foreigners with four-point-five Americans legally born in America's back room. Why else would there be a need for an entry level "living wage?"

Immigration "reform" is the hemorrhage that's killing jobs and the foundation of our economy, the employer.

All is well, go back to sleep. Our legislators are here to help us.

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