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atwoods@sti.netMarch 4, 2014 

Harry Reid is a dirty rotten scoundrel. That despicable man from Searchlight, Nev. who has played politics so effectively to garner the leadership of the United States Senate, and called many Americans liars while he stood in the Senate Chamber. Shame on him and more shame on his fellow Democrats and those who support the Democratic Party. Not a single one of his party came out and challenged this tyrant because they fear his tactics and they know he plays hardball.

Reid has the reputation of announcing that bills sent from the House of Representatives are dead on arrival and then has the audacity of attacking Republicans for not offering solutions or being partisan.

Reid changed the rules of the Senate to cut off the voice of the minority party ending 200 years of tradition because he was mad at Republicans for actually doing their job and representing a vast number of Americans and the beliefs of those people. Those horrible folks believe in lower taxes, less government, fewer entitlement programs, and strong defense against our enemies.

Just when I thought the Democrats couldn't sink any lower, Reid called millions liars. So if you know of somebody that has been negatively affected by Obamacare, Reid considers your friend or family member a liar.

If you have seen your premium's increase rather than decrease by the $2,500 that President Barrack Obama promised, you are just a liar to Reidy. If you have been told that you cannot use your doctor or that your insurance has been cancelled and you mention this to anyone, Reid thinks you are a liar.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer stated the same thing as did Jay Carney, the mouthpiece for the white house. They all have accepted Reid's stance that all the stories of all the horrors of the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act are untrue. We are losing our urgent care facility and while they haven't stated that Obamacare was the cause, it certainly doesn't require much thought to see that insurance coverage payments are not going to cover costs so the place won't support itself.

When our Mountain Area population was smaller it (Urgent Care) was able to make it. Make sure you are a member of the Sierra Ambulance Association because you will need to get to Fresno and they will provide some great care trying to keep you alive for that extra hour.

Reid needs to understand where the real lies are in Obamacare. Obama's statement that we could keep our doctors and our healthcare plans period, was a direct lie to the American people. He knew it then when he said it the first time and all the other times he repeated the lie. Our premiums would decrease by $2,500 per year for the average family.

Many of my friends have seen an increase of that amount so the lie is a $5,000 whopper. The web site will be ready. Five months later they still haven't got the thing designed fully let alone operating. The Secretary of Health told folks just days before the launch of Obamacare it was ready to go.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

We were told that the president and the health secretary did not meet during the final stages of the website launch and now we find that they met on numerous occasions. Either this seemingly intelligent man has zero curiosity about his signature piece of socialistic legislation or they lied to us that it was never discussed. If you believe they did not discuss it then I have a bridge for sale.

We have other lies spewing forth from the mouths of those working for what was to be the most transparent administration in history.

So to those who still want to defend this disaster of a healthcare plan please explain to those folks who have lost their coverage, who have seen huge increases in their premiums, who have lost the ability to have the doctor of their choice, who have seen tremendous increases in co-payments and deductibles, who are seeing the nightmares play out in their lives on a daily basis why your man in the Senate Chamber called them a liar and not one single solitary leading democrat has challenged Harry Reid or his position.

Reid, the tyrant of the Senate, has brought shame to that wonderful institution and his party accepts his ways and as a result the Democrats are tarnished by the small-minded man from Searchlight.

Maybe they could rename his hometown in Reid's honor. The sign could read, "Welcome to Dim Bulb."

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