Letters to the editor - 3/6/14 edition of the Sierra Star

March 4, 2014 

Public safety issue

Dear Editor,

I had to send you my comments regarding the Feb. 27 article in the Star concerning the fire protection water issue surrounding the proposed hotels owned by Mr. Patel on Highway 41.

His response to County Fire Marshal Deborah Keenan that he feels the water storage requirements are unnecessary, clearly establish his disregard for public safety. The California State Building Code and the California Fire Code are in place to protect life and property.

The county fire marshal is required to enforce those regulations and just because Mr. Patel threatens to take his project to Mariposa County is not a reason for those regulations to be disregarded. The threat is the same as the school yard bully threatening to take his ball and go home if the game rules are not to his liking.

Oakhurst can certainly benefit from the money spent by the occupants of the new hotels, but public safety must be kept paramount in the building process. All Mr. Patel needs to do is look south on Highway 41 to the Oakhurst Lodge to see what can happen if adequate water supply is not immediately available.

Don Cohn, Ahwahnee

Update on museum

Dear Editor,

Due to rumors floating around the community, we thought it important to write an update on the status of the Children's Museum of the Sierra.

The museum's board of directors have reorganized the museum's operation. The board has eliminated the paid director position, and the "Rainbow Pals" (Partners Advancing Learning) program has been reinstated.

This is a fundraising effort with business and individuals who donate $1,000 or more to assist the museum with new and innovative learning exhibits and programs.

An annual event calendar is being worked on and the first event will be an Easter open house.

There are 12 new and rehab exhibits planned and these will begin when monies are received from the Chukchansi grant program.

The museum continues to have good attendance and hopes for an increase in guests when the community knows all is well with their continued support. The museum is always looking for volunteers — even a half-a-day would be appreciated.

So all of the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles come and enjoy the day while your children learn about new careers and have fun with learning.

Jim Elliott, acting board president, Children's Museum of the Sierra.

Beautiful Oakhurst

Dear Editor,

Sixteen years ago, I moved to Oakhurst from Irvine. I reveled in the beauty of how close to nature the environment was in Oakhurst. I observed a traffic light installed at Highway 49 and 41. I could feel the progress growing.

The other day, I took a walk from Spook Road to Highway 49 at the point of Vons Market, about two miles one way, and was shocked by the amount of trash that littered both sides of the highway.

I pray there must be a city program that can help remedy this condition. Let us not ruin our beautiful city.

Josephine Courreges, Oakhurst

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