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editorial@sierrastar.comFebruary 25, 2014 

Have you ever longed to pack it up and see the world, to travel to far away exotic places, to feast your eyes upon the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, ride camels on the silky sand beaches of San Cristobal in Cabo, jump aboard the award-winning Swiss airline and glimpse the Alps with your very own eyes?

There's a great big world out there that most of us have yet to explore — adventures beckoning us from the pages of travel magazines lining our doctor's waiting-room tables, from the shelves in our beloved bookstores, and even from the screens of our televisions.

Yet few of us rarely venture from the state in which we're born. Why do most of us choose to refrain from sampling of the world's mouthwatering delicacies, spectacular landscapes, enchanting destinations, or to partake of ultimately transformative oddecies?

The mere thought of gazing up at Ireland's breathtaking 2,000-foot Slieve League Cliffs, exploring the Maya ruins of Xunantunich, or experiencing the Great Blue Sinkhole that Jacque Cousteau himself made famous by sailing The Calypso into the dazzling 984-foot wide crested limestone crater adorned with massive geological formations, and my heart skips a beat.

With 196 independent countries around the world, it's not as if we are stifled by lack of options. So precisely what is it that has us abstaining from venturing beyond our comfort zone?

We are more than blessed to reside in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, but still that shouldn't keep us from cultivating ourselves, from unspooling ourselves even, in exploration of experiences. Can't you imagine yourself visiting culturally rich and diverse lands, maybe taking a hike through the snowy alpine peaks of Jungfraujoch, backpacking around the lake, strolling through the Zurich museum, then finishing the evening dancing the night away in an elite night club, or dining at the sophisticated Dolder Grand, Pavilion. Better yet, a private dinner at Christian Nichels exclusive table in the infamous Pan-Asian restaurant Spice?

Is it that we have been intimidated by the ever-increasing inconvenience of intrusive security checks, or might the seemingly overwhelming task of developing a travel itinerary be the culprit?

Could it be that watching the evening news has instilled fear, dousing our once adventurous spirits with uncertainty and trepidation?

If we could circumvent such troubling rumination, would we then be confronted with the appallingly ever increasing exorbitant cost of exploring our world? Is this sincerely reason enough to limit our nomadic desires for excursions to foreign lands? In allowing such stifling of our experiences, the grandeur of our planet will be sorely lost upon us. The great shame in missing opportunities to visit the secret swimming holes 'Down Under,' snorkeling the Coral Gardens of the Cayman Islands, to behold the romantic ancient city of Rome, or touring The Louvre in Paris, after a tantalizing sandwich and steaming pour over coffee at Café Loustic.

Though with the rising cost of living taking the wind from our proverbial sails, it seems at times far-fetched to even day dream of such aspirations. We must never lose the inclination to spread our wings, to fancy an opportunity to wander the lush Nan Lian Gardens of Hong Kong, to meander the cobblestone streets of Tuscany, or embark on a Zodiac penguin expedition in the tranquil Antarctica.

When our days come to an end, wouldn't it be grand to regale on fabulous escapes to mysterious destinations, of exoduses to far away lands immersed in ancient flavors, steeped in unwavering traditions? How splendid it would be to sit surrounded by loved ones reminiscing on time spent in the al fresco alcove of the Kaira restaurant. Memories of a fascinating evening, being presented with a delectable sadya banquet, or snuggling fireside on a cozy leather couch following a long day of skiing at the elegantly rustic Chateau Smith Haut Latilfte ski in winery in Meribel, France.

Nothing would be finer than to share in your journey to the Moroccan hideaway of La Sultana in the tiny coastal village of Qualidias recollecting your getaway to an ornate tree house overlooking a hypnotizing lagoon dotted with flamingos, lounging your days away on a private beach, before savoring an exquisite meal of freshly-caught seafood.

So what is honestly stopping us? Get out a global map, set your course for the extraordinary destination of your choice, let nothing stand in your way. We only have this one life to live — best not waste one remaining drop of it.

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