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Letters to the Editor - 2/27/14 edition

February 25, 2014 

Dear Editor,

We have had our business, Computer Repair and Maintenance, under the Oakhurst Lodge for more than a decade. In September of 2013, a bank from San Diego took over the property after the motel fire, and hired a property management company out of Colorado to handle the affairs of the property. We have been forced to move and people want to know what happened.

A representative of the management company was quoted in the Sierra Star (Sept. 12, 2013) as wanting "to embrace the local community and our goal is to be a respected citizen in the business community." They have been nothing like that to us.

We gave them a check for rent the day they took over but they returned the check. We submitted a rental agreement which was rejected. They hired a local commercial realtor to write up the lease. He wrote up a rental agreement which we signed and submitted with a check on Oct. 2. The document was returned several times for minor revisions. The changes were promptly made and resubmitted.

Finally in December came the ultimate revision. We had to take the premises "As, Is" plus pay $2,000 in back rent and deposit. It was clear, we could not afford to pay double the rent and pay to renovate the smoke, water and unhealthy mold damage caused by the motel fire.

We were trying to negotiate a deal right up to the week before we were evicted. We realized that they had all the power, money and resources and we are just a small business trying to eke out a living in a poor economy. So we gave up and moved out.

We were very upset at first but have decided to let it go and embrace the future. We have not gone out of business or retired. We have found a new home at 40155 Enterprise Dr., just past Eagle Lube. We hope to be moving in the first of March.

We would like to thank our loyal customers who have continued to give us work during a difficult transition.

Jean & Wally Wolf, Oakhurst

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