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atwoods@sti.comFebruary 25, 2014 

This week we have a golden opportunity to help out a couple of great organizations which, in turn, will help out many others living in this part of the state. The smiling faces of local Girl Scouts will be meeting us at our houses of worship, and at our local grocery stores and outlets to sell those delicious cookies.

Each box contains a tasty repast to be enjoyed with a glass of milk, cup of coffee or tea, and along with the great flavor, it gives us something else.

That something else is the knowledge that we have supported the local and national Girl Scouting program. The scouting program helps the young lasses in our area to learn how to be leaders, not only today but for their numerous tomorrows. They learn skills that will help them be better parents, citizens, employees, employers, and well-rounded individuals.

The girls aren't asking for a hand-out but a helping hand and that is where we come in. Our part is to greet those smiling faces with a friendly response and hopefully a purchase. I never buy many at one time because I just hate telling one of the girls "no" so I just always buy a box or two. I have even learned to buy a box, open it, hand it right back to that smiling scout, asking her to take it home and eat the cookies for me. The cause is supported, the girl is happy, and I don't gain the extra pounds. Girl Scouts are tomorrow's champions so be sure to support the local troops with your purchase of those great Girl Scout cookies. They're delicious.

The other organization we need to support is new to our area and has adopted the name, "Pawsitively Full Food Bank." They are a small but mighty group of concerned pet lovers who have seen a need in this community and have developed a solution to the problem. Now we get to help.

The problem that exists is that we have many neighbors who are experiencing financial problems because of unemployment or other difficult situations in their homes. Money is tight and while they get assistance to put food on the table for the human family members, there is little-to-no cash available to place food on the counter or floor for the pets that are a part of the family. So Pawsitively Full came into being with the intent of providing animal food and feed to those households that need the help. This isn't designed for folks who insist on feeding feral animals, but for the household pets.

I was trying to figure out what kind of commitment I should suggest to you and while walking and chatting with my German Shepard, Hildegard, the amount came to me.I have four animals, two dogs and two cats and on their behalf, Carol and I are going to donate a can per month for each of our four to Pawsitively Full. Those 48 cans will be warmly received by the hungry pets in the neighborhoods that surround Eastern Madera County. I figured out the costs of what we feed our foursome would cost. Our four cans will run $4 per month, which will mean a donation of about $50 yearly to the cause.

Our other dog, Minnie, barked her approval and our two Siamese cats, Miss Anna and Cho-Cho San, gave their okays. The next issue is where to take the money. At the moment, the collection center seems to be Oakhurst Pet and Supply, but my guess would be that if you dropped off a check at your local veterinary office, those fine folks would get the dollars to the Pawsitively Full Food Bank folks. It is better if we drop off the cash because Oakhurst Pet Supply can order food and feed at cost and our dollars will go further.

Cho-Cho, Ana, Minnie and Hildy challenge all their fellow animal neighbors to help feed the critters that are hungry in homes near our homes. Minnie stated, "Arf arf, bow wow, arf arf." When translated means, "A can a month is all we ask." So as February comes to a close and March comes in like a lion, let's buy some cookies which will help Girl Scouts grow into fine young women and show them that we can also step up to the plate to help the defenseless animals in our area with a bowl of food.

A box of cookies and a can of food can become symbols of a caring community.

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