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atwoods@sti.comFebruary 18, 2014 

During the Watergate investigations and trials, supporters of Richard Nixon held out hope that their man was really telling the truth and that the mess would go away in a positive way. They grew weary of defending Nixon.

During the Clinton years, the supporters of the Clintons had to have become weary of defending President Clinton for his sexual acts, his lies to the Grand Jury, Hillary's law firm billing problems, the 1-in-31 trillion chance of turning $1,000 into $100,000 in just ten months of trading on her first- ever attempt, and his ordering of late night bombings of buildings whenever he was in trouble on the domestic front. Even with a lapdog press not asking the difficult questions during an impeachment, the Clinton supporters had trouble defending their co-presidents.

So we need to begin to cut our friends and neighbors, who still hold the man of hope and change in high regard, some slack as they begin to show weariness at defending the indefensible. President Obama is making it harder for these folks every single day.

Case in point. The Affordable Healthcare Act is the signature piece of legislation for this president's legacy. As people read more and more about it and the mandates, taxes, penalty/non penalties but taxes provisions, its restrictions, the website, the lies about keeping your doctor and your healthcare plan periods, along with the 28 Executive Orders, makes the Healthcare Plan difficult to explain but even tougher to know what it is to explain since the president keeps changing the thing.

There is little wonder that Nancy Pelosi said to pass it to see what was in it; as she actually needed to see the changes that would be made by the president to see what it is. Pelosi stated in December that the democrats would stand tall during the election campaigns regarding their involvement with the Healthcare Act — looks more like "duck and cover" to everyone else.

The IRS scandal. I know that CNN doesn't mention this anymore than the rest of the mainstream media because when I listen to their programs, they are too busy telling me about Justin Bieber or Bob Costa's pink eye. But my liberal friends must certainly be concerned that a group of fellow citizens were singled out simply because of their political thoughts and actions, and were targeted by the IRS. Those who defended Nixon had a tough time explaining his doing the exact same thing to liberal-thinking groups and individuals. He was wrong and so is this administration.

NSA listening to your calls and reading the e-mails. Just because you think they are not reading it now doesn't mean anything. Once they get you in their sights, they can go back into that data and glean from that whatever they need to destroy your life. They have the resources to do just that. Imagine if you became a thorn in the side of somebody in the administration and they started to look at all your conversations and contacts, and then you had to defend yourself. You might have used a naughty phrase, told a joke that some might find offensive, gossiped about a neighbor or co-worker, the list is endless.

The president's defenders are stuck with that Benghazi problem because rational people see things in a rational way. When we ask somebody where they were at a given time, what they did in response to a given situation, and ask for a reason for their actions or non-actions, we expect the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What we have is a litany of denials, finger-pointing, lies, and phony stories about a video. We can't even find out what the president did that very evening. Nixon detractors always asked, "What did he know and when did he know it?" That's the question the Obama supporters cannot answer; hence their continued weariness.

The other problem the president's supporters face is monumental. He is a bold-faced liar. Not a misspoken man and not just once, but a man who has repeatedly lied to his supporters, his associates, and his fellow citizens to such a degree that now when the supporters tout the party line and use all the official talking points, they have to wonder if the White House is going to back pedal in a few days leaving them high and dry.

We are seeing on television the liberal pundits starting to tire of defending the man in the Oval Office. Our friends and neighbors must be getting bored with it as well.

For the sake of this nation, he needs to stop the lies. Out of respect for those who supported him, he needs to cease and desist his dastardly ways so as to not cause them any further embarrassment. Period.

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