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editorial@sierrastar.comFebruary 18, 2014 

I make no apology continuing to ask questions regarding our "State of the Union," especially when no prompt, up-front, and honest answers have been forthcoming from those being questioned. Months of delays, demands of Executive Privilege and the Fifth Amendment, cry out to be investigated. I distrust those eager to tell us "move on, nothing to see here." I smell a rat, caught in the bright light of scrutiny, making an attempt to point us in another direction.

Our president's credibility and honesty are being called into question, equal only to events leading up to "Tricky Dick" Nixon's resignation.

Perhaps some of our progressive Obama supporters will cast aside the shrouds of subterfuge and offer some straight forward answers to some questions.

Fact: The Obama Administration spent weeks telling us the tragedy in Benghazi was the result of a spontaneous demonstration brought about by a rogue video. When questioned about it being a terrorist attack by the ladies of The View, the president said he couldn't comment due to the ongoing investigation.

In an interview prior to this past Superbowl, regarding the IRS abusing its power, he told us all that there is "not a smidgeon" of corruption there.

His declaration, in spite of several unfinished investigations, is either deceitful or stupid.

Who came up with the video lie? Why did Obama and company use it? Why would he skirt the Benghazi issue, then quickly dismiss what is obvious to most of us regarding the IRS? I hereby inform those who suggest, "Move on, nothing to see here," that neither of those investigations are complete.

How is it that the IR/SS is allowed to make its own rules? In 1954 LBJ used the legislative process to silence political speech from the pulpit by changing the tax laws. Does the Obama administration have the authority to change the rules at will? Are you aware the IR/SS is crafting rules to deny all political information from non-profit communications? Why is it that last year our House of Representatives sent numerous pieces of legislation to the Senate, Harry Reid said there would be no vote on them, President Obama refused to negotiate, and the Sociocratic Party with our national news agencies proclaimed that it was the GOP who shut down the government? Is that downright deceitful or what? I call it just another progressive lie.

To date, the president has "ordered" 29 delays and changes of his "signature" legislation to mask the destruction of Obamacare. It's evident that the president's twisted attempt to enforce socialized medicine is a major detriment to our nation. Did we know that his campaign pledge to transform "business as usual" in Washington would result in Chicago-style skullduggery? Why does our president speak of sacrifice and continue to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on private vacations? Isn't he intelligent enough to know that leadership begins with setting a good example?

Why is it that a major traffic delay in New Jersey resulted in an intense national media investigation? Why is the avoidable death of four Americans in Libya being treated as old news, with a yawn? Who in the Justice Department has been brought up on charges of "accomplice to murder" or "conspiracy to commit murder?" Would someone in a private security company, selling arms to the enemy, be treated the same as AG Holder's people? Is there "justice for all" or just a hushed "fast and furious" for the ruling class?

Why have I never received specific answers to specific questions I've publicly addressed to fellow columnists Cheah or Cavanaugh or the leaders of the Mountain Area Democrats prior to the last presidential election? Why do we always get "but the GOP's (insert name) did far worse? When will we the people demand term limits in Washington, DC? Finally, just what is the concern of the NSA spying on everything every American does or says?

Those of us who believe in our Creator have always known there's an "all-seeing eye" watching us every second of every minute of every hour of every day. So why should the government spying on us trouble law abiding citizens? I'll tell you why: In God we trust.

President Obama swore on the Holy Bible to protect and defend our Constitution. He has demonstrated little more than distortion and suspension of that document. We simply don't trust our president or our government.

Mr. President, please use your pen to write your resignation and your phone to call a taxi.

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