The Follies, Ducey's, and housekeeping

Guess what I heard

editorial@sierrastar.comFebruary 4, 2014 

I just had to tell you about my trip to Southern California. I went with my church sisters to Indio for a week. My son called while I was there and said, "Mama what in the world are you doing in Indio?" I laughed and told him I was having a wonderful time. I really did.

I was very fortunate to see the Last Hurrah or the closing of the Follies in Palm Springs. They are literally closing. This is their last season after 23 years, and the host said he had not ever missed a performance. I thought, "boy he loves his job."

I listened to Maureen McGovern for about 45 minutes and that was wonderful, also. We visited Shield's Date Store and found out the romantic sex life of the date. How about that? I am a fountain of information on Joshua Trees and dates.

If you want to think about a jolly crowd, you have to think of Roman's Bar and the great whisky tasting on Tuesday night. I found out I don't like whisky — it burns too much going down — and I only sipped a little bit.

Our guide for the evening was Shane, who was very knowledgeable and I learned a bunch from him. I still don't like whisky, though.

I didn't know that different whiskies are made of different grains and are aged differently. Did you know bourbon has to be made from 51% corn and aged for more than two years in American Oak to be called bourbon?

Anyway, we progressed to the last, which was a Scotch whisky. It did not burn like the others so I asked Shane, "why?"

My answer was that it had to be made from Scottish barley, and this is why it is single malt, which means one grain from one place only. It was very educational and I thought this presenter was better than the last one we had. I could go on and on since I learned so much, but I don't want to bore you so I'll talk about something else.

Let's see. Did you know Ducey's has a new tent with removable walls on their lakefront deck? You need to take a look. Maybe they will bring Jazz on the Lake back so that we can relax and listen to good music again? I sure enjoyed it, didn't you?

My husband informed me he has been doing a little lending of information. It seems a woman was complaining to him about her husband not helping out. My husband, a behavioral science major, told her about several studies showing that men doing housework is a turn-on for many women. Her answer was "wow — that's a win-win."

Ladies, you can conduct your own research on this.

Hey guys — hint ... hint.

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