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atwoods@sti.netJanuary 28, 2014 

I dare say that had Ben Franklin been writing a news story of what the current Governor of New York, the senior Senator of New York, and the President of the United States had stated in the past 10 days, he would have probably used the word flogging as a fitting punishment for their utterances.

Let us remember that the great men that created the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution of the United States had a strong distrust of government and favored limited government at the federal level, and that they preferred state governments to run things in each former colony.

Those signers, known as the founding fathers, also felt that each individual was responsible for his own family when it came to food and shelter. They saw government as an evil necessity to provide for defense, promote general welfare, domestic tranquility, establish justice, and to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves as well as those who would follow.

If one reads the Constitution, it clearly demonstrates the core concept stated in the Declaration of Independence — that the power rests with the people and that governments are established by the consent of the governed, but that the power of the government is limited. Read the Bill of Rights and you will see zero Rights granted to Americans.

As you read, what you will see are strongly stated limits on what the government may do, which left the people to enjoy being free from tyranny of the leadership of this nation.

Our former Harvard law professor seems to have never read that which he taught to his students. He stated that if Congress won't do what he wants he "has a pen and he has a phone." What he hasn't got is a clue about something called the rule of law. His statement reads loud and clear — like the statement of a despot. Our president sees himself above the law and is now telling us he will rule by Executive Action. No outrage from the liberals and zero outrage from the mainstream press.

The Governor of New York has announced to his constituents that if they are conservatives, they have no place in New York. What happened to his ideas of liberal tolerance? He categorized folks as "them's and us" and if you dared to disagree with his progressive thinking, you should get out of his state.

Sorry, Governor. You may choose words to incite such as "pro-assault weapon," anti-gay, and anti-choice. The First Amendment Rights allow people to be supportive of the Second Amendment, pro traditional marriage, and against the killing of babies. No national outrage from progressives about Cuomo's bigoted rants, and the senior senator from New York really was scary with his despotic rants. He stated that the government must have the IRS "redouble" their efforts against those citizens who have a complaint with the government. Let's look at his phrase "redouble."

First: It is tacit admission that the IRS was attacking conservatives with illegal actions prior to the last election.

Secondly: It shows his approval of such misuse of governmental power.

Thirdly: He feels that the IRS had not done enough, then when they doubled their attacks on conservative groups, it still hasn't satisfied him so he wants those doubled efforts doubled again. Sieg Heil Senator Schumer. I bet his Jewish ancestors would like to remind Chuck about what happened in Germany when the government protected itself from dissident opinions. Where-oh-where is the outrage from those liberals as defenders of our civil rights.

No outrage because the mainstream media chose to talk about the rant of some unimportant football player caught up in the excitement of the game. No outrage because CNN was too busy with a special on the Justin Bieber DUI and drag race.

When I check my Internet news options I read CNN and then Fox. Many progressives attack Fox News as Faux News and dismiss it as garbage. CNN is proving to be the Censored News Network or the Clinton News Network for what they fail to cover with real stories.

The sad fact is that some in our government have decided that those of us who, like the Founding Fathers, want limited government in our lives and use our God-given rights that are constitutionally guaranteed to express our opinions, are told that we are not welcome.

Well, Mr. President, you may have a pen and a phone, but we have the vote.

You may try to use the IRS against us, but we will prevail. You may spy on us with the NSA, but we will figure out ways to talk without you and your cronies eavesdropping.

Remember that one founding father also said, "Give me Liberty, or give me death."

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