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atwoods@sti.netJanuary 14, 2014 

Corporations or companies that have service-oriented reputations are usually led by folks who push the concept of customer service and customer satisfaction.

Organizations that treat clients or customers poorly either are out of business soon or else are constantly struggling to maintain a customer base. Taxpayer supported organizations are a different breed of cat in that, by design, they do not exist in a competitive environment but have a monopoly on the business they handle. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not have to compete with another agency to sell you your driver's license and the mosquito abatement board has little competition for their services.

This is where political appointees get into trouble. They sometimes forget for whom they work and they don't have to satisfy a bottom line to remain in business.

For the record: I do not care for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I really never have. He's brash and gives the impression that he likes throwing political weight around and using the bully pulpit and the power of his office to get the job done. I have heard him refer to his techniques as tough but effective and he states, very proudly, that this method is, "How it's done in Jersey."

His attitude sends a message down to his staff on how to behave and what is considered acceptable behavior. I have little doubt that the governor's chief ranking assistants contrived the scheme to create traffic havoc for four days on the busiest bridge in the area. I really don't think the governor had any actual involvement in the planning or execution of the four-day traffic jam.

He did not need to be around because he has hired people to work for him that think like he does and he has fostered an attitude of doing things "Jersey style."

Just think about it for a second. If the governor was the type of man who insisted that rules be followed and fairness be the watchword of the administration, then anyone suggesting such a stunt would have been met with comments ridiculing the idea and statements that the governor would never tolerate such a plan. In other words, it would have died in the brain-storming session, and the governor's ethics and reputation would have spared all of us this mess.

So while I believe the governor had nothing to do with the traffic snarl, he certainly had an attitude in the office that at the very least helped hatch the plan. Should he resign? No. He handled it quickly by firing the people who acted in this stupid and idiotic manner and he is taking the steps to ensure it, or anything like it, doesn't happen again.

The national press has shown great interest in this for a number of reasons. The liberals in the media are enjoying the attacks on a republican whom they have deemed to be the front-runner for the nomination. They also are very happy to discuss anything other than former Defense Secretary Gates book showing the horrible things about the White House and our president during the first term.

The national media finds a four-day traffic snafu in New Jersey so horrific that it has been a lead story for a number of days. Frankly, I don't remember their outrage coming anywhere close to this level when we learned that our government has been spying on journalists, on ordinary American citizens, world leaders, tracking our e-mails and telephone calls, and even photographing our cars at certain intersections and on certain roadways. The media wasn't concerned that the IRS was used by the White House to violate the rights of American citizens simply because those citizens disagreed with the current president.

The press wasn't very concerned that four Americans died as a result of the bungling by the Secretary of State and the White House in September of 2012 and they don't seem to be concerned over the Fast and Furious gun-running, the purging of our military leadership, the cronyism for government contracts, the loss of American prestige in the world, the turning of our backs towards allies such as Israel, the healthcare rollout disaster, the "you can keep your healthcare plan period" promise but creating a traffic jam in New Jersey and now it's time for the naming of a Special Federal Prosecutor.

As I stated earlier; organizations are a reflection of the attitudes of the leader of that organization and Governor Christie's top aides certainly acted in an inappropriate manner which many consider a reflection on his leadership style.

That being the case, most assuredly the actions of the current administration reflects on the former community organizer from Chicago.

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