Thank you Tony Misner

Letters to the Editor - 1/2/14 edition

December 31, 2013 

Dear Editor,

There are many people we cross paths with in our lifetime that often go un-thanked for the impact they have on our lives. There is one person who deserves to be publicly thanked for not only guiding me, but, for teaching and mentoring thousands of Yosemite area Emergency Medical Service providers, fire fighters, police officers, RNs, and physicians.

For well over 10 years Tony Misner has served our mountain community directing the EMT program at Yosemite High School and Adult Education Center, as well as directing the Wilderness EMT program operated in collaboration with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Tony has been a consistent teacher, mentor, and friend to thousands of students, weaving his personal passion for EMS and quality health care into the curriculum.

His teaching occurred 24/7 as he intentionally made himself available to teach at any time, day or night, even on holidays for any student working in the emergency department or those completing an ambulance ride-along.

This year the board of trustees for the Yosemite Unified School District, despite some community outrage, cancelled our mountain community Emergency Medical Services training program, citing budget issues — despite the fact that these programs always brought it a net profit for the district — taking with it community CPR, First Aid, and various other rescue and community safety courses. A true tragedy.

As a community we can only hope the trustees will see the error or their ways and re-establish a well rooted program and mountain education tradition.

Tony never asked for thanks but deserves it immensely. Because of him, I am an emergency room nurse, and thousands of others worldwide who are providing quality and essential health care, know that we have all been impacted by his selfless teaching.

Thank you Tony Misner.

Jessica DeMartin, Fish Camp

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