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atwoods@sti.netDecember 31, 2013 

The New Year's holiday celebration has come and gone, most of the Christmas ornaments have been taken down and put away and the kids will be returning to their classrooms in just a few days. We start to ignore some of our resolutions and life returns to its crazy normal state.

Obamacare is now in effect or so we think. The president has been busy over the past few months illegally rewriting the law and doing what the Republicans have been wanting to do in a legal fashion. The administration is finding out that flowery speeches don't make things happen. Leadership requires having leadership abilities and when the leader has a résumé of making speeches and writing books about hope and change and his father's dreams, the lack of experience becomes a great liability to the product and to the process.

The website is a disaster and everyone knows it. The man who has based his presidential legacy on this takeover of the medical-care industry was apparently so disinterested in it that he failed to check the progress on its implementation for months leading up to the deadline.

The administration can't tell us how many have signed up but they sure can confuse us with terms. Visitors to the website, enrollees, buyers, payers, Medicare enrollees, are jumbled together so that nobody really can get a grasp on the success or failure of the site or program to launch.

FedEx and UPS got stuck by an overwhelming increase in traffic, bad weather and holiday travel and vacation plans and their snafu was quickly resolved with their customers being financially compensated within hours of the problem. One day later it ceased to be news because the private sector knows how to fix problems. You can sure imagine that the CEO's of both companies made some phone calls and the message started rolling down hill. Those companies will know exactly who and why the problem was created and changes will occur.

The White House can't figure out who is ever responsible for any error made since President Obama took office with the exception of always blaming "W". They always seem to know the names of those individuals who did something right and we see those folks touted everywhere.

The unemployment numbers are down but only because so many have given up hope of finding a job so they no longer count. The stock market is up to record levels but that only shows what happens when the government shifts $80 billion per month into the financial institutions to prop up a sagging economy. That's $37,000 per second folks and it's all on borrowed money. The administration sold all the GM stock they bought to help save that company and lost $10 billion in the process. Why didn't they just keep it until the price went up?

They continue to spy on us. Why? Because they want to control us. If a low- level guy like Snowdon can glean so much information in a short time that threatens our national security, just imagine what the higher-level guys will be able to do.

So, as we go into 2014, we can rest assured that the most transparent administration in history will be anything but transparent. The Affordable Healthcare Act will prove to be a disaster and unaffordable. We will never hear where the president was on the night the embassy was attacked and four Americans were killed.

The president will continue his assaults on the Constitution with his illegal acts or rewriting some laws and non-enforcement of other laws. Our taxes will increase even though he promised that they wouldn't increase by one dime. The national media will serve as his lap dogs as tingles run up their legs when they hear him.

The Keystone Pipeline project will be ignored until the Canadians decide to sell to China. We still won't know what is hidden in the transcripts of Barrack Obama's school records that must be so bad they have to seal them. Fraud is a horrible thing to have to defend and the fraud would be exposed in those transcripts. The world will ignore our country as a paper tiger, Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons and Israel will learn to not rely on Americans until this president is gone.

Sandra will still get government help to buy her contraceptives and senior citizens will have pre-natal care provided to them. China is landing on the Moon, other countries are in space and we have NASA helping Americans to understand Islam.

We're in for an interesting year. Good Luck.

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